Cannabis culture has a long historical association with the LGBTQ community. Many queer activists, like late Dennis Peron or Paul Scott in the USA, have been at the forefront of the worldwide marijuana legalization movement before 2000. Advocacy for the two issues have had some common grounds and shared concerns of socioeconomic justice for the marginalized people.

According to Sophie St. Thomas, a queer rights as well as marijuana legalization activist and writer, ‘Cannabis and queers have always shared in the fight for respect and legal recognition, which inherently links the two communities’. Given this shared history, what can be better than indulge in some potent cannabis to celebrate pride. Use the following strains of cannabis to celebrate pride month and promote LGBTQ rights.    

Top weed strains to celebrate pride

  1. Rainbow Kush

The name of this strain makes it just the right one to smoke during pride month. Famous for its array of colors and mind-blowing pine aroma, this indica heavy cannabis strain offers a THC concentration of 17% with average CBD content of 1%. Often referred to as the ‘most colorful strain’ you will find in the market, the buds of Rainbow Kush come with purplish, orange and greenish patches and are richly coated with trichomes. Although it smells like skunk, on being exhaled you will detect a hint of coffee and oriental spices.

  • Cherry Pie

A perfect cannabis to celebrate pride, stock up on this indica dominant hybrid strain for a wondrous pride week indoors with your friends. The potent flavor packed buds of Cherry Pie gives you a balanced high while its distinctively sweet cherry flavor makes it ideal for baking. Smoke this one for a delightful mind-expanding experience or make some cannabutter and use it for baking scrumptious marijuana cakes and cookies.

This energy inducing ganja can bring a lot of joy to your life in the coming days. A hybrid of Hawaiian and Trainwreck, Pineapple Express offers the sweetest smoke with a fruity punch. Its high THC content of 24% gives you a creative and energetic head buzz which is usually accompanied by a mild body numb. It isn’t going to stone you out of your mind and users can expect a happy high making you feel social and talkative.

Durban Poison is an unadulterated sativa landrace with origins in South Africa which is primarily known for its powerful psychoactive effects. The THC content of this strain ranges from 15%-25% and it is known to create a strong yet focussed high with slight alterations in perceptions. The stimulating buzz of this strain will make you feel social and in the mood to converse.

A great strain for smoking socially, Gelato is yet another fitting strain of cannabis to celebrate pride. Gelato which is a cross of Think Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, will give you a mellow head buzz that takes effect within a few minutes of inhalation. The indica-heavy high of this strain will leave you feeling floaty yet within your control. Its powerful mind-altering effects are often associated with mood elevation although newbies should use it with caution. Smoking Gelato is usually a very smooth experience and this strain offers a rich creamy aftertaste that is another reason for its immense popularity.

  • White Widow

Famous for its extraordinary resin content, this popular sativa dominant hybrid is a highly energizing strain that will set your mood for a high time. No matter if you are partying on Zoom or for real, a couple of White Widow joints will make you feel elated, focussed and energetic. The strong head high of this strain will not leave you feeling couchlocked but instead promote creative endeavours like making music, writing or painting.

  • Green Queen

Green Queen aka Royal Highness is one of those marijuana strains which will make you feel relaxed, social and happy and hence ideal for celebrating with your friends and family. This must-try bud offers THC content between 15%-20% giving you a balanced high with an increased desire to sit-back and chill. Its cerebral effects include a strong rush of euphoria and with time you will be feeling more relaxed and contented. This mood elevating strain is often prescribed for people suffering from depression. On being burnt it offers a range of flavors which is mainly fruity but also has a skunky undertone.

  • Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze is a sativa heavy hybrid that is equally favored by both indica and sativa enthusiasts. The THC content of this strain can at times get as high as 25%. The super strong psychoactive effects of this strain are attributed to the presence of the thick amber trichomes covering the nugs. When rightly cured Lemon Haze releases a sweet citric aroma and the veteran smoker will easily be able to distinguish its characteristic lemony scent. If you are planning to spend some quality alone time with your partner then consider buying this one since it is also a great strain to smoke before sex!

  • Blue Cookies

This is an indica dominant hybrid strain the specialty of which is just the right dose of body and head high. With Blueberry and GST as its parent strain, Blue Cookies is a super tasty marijuana strain which yields an enjoyable and relaxed buzz. A favorite among veteran cannabis smokers, Blue Cookies can come with THC content as high as 25%. This fast-hitting strain has a mild taste of cherry with a hint of skunk during exhale

  • Strawberry Cough

A perfect weed strain for celebration, Strawberry Cough is as good on your mind and body as on your taste buds. This award winning cannabis offers an uplifting, focussed and productive high which is ideal for the creative users. With THC levels between 15%-20%, Strawberry Cough comes with a flavor of sweet strawberries and the berry scent lingers in your mouth for quite some time. You can also make use of this strain to whip up some of your favorite marijuana dishes.

No matter if you will be celebrating pride alone, online or with friends, the above-mentioned cannabis strains will definitely contribute to a gala time. Ensure that you have some of these strains in your stash so as to make the best of the pride month.