How to pay with your credit card at

For your security and ours, we have implemented a few steps to enhance the safety of our customers who want to pay for their cannabis products using their credit cards.

  • After submitting your order, check your online bank statement and locate 2 transactions in cents that were sent from us. For example, $0.50 and $0.70.
  • Log into your The Green Ace account and refer to "My Account" then click on over to "My Orders".
  • Select the order that needs to be verified and type in the micro amounts WITHOUT the dollar ($) sign. Examples would be 0.50 and 0.70.
  • Click Verify to complete the verification process.

ATTENTION: Please note that if you are using a MasterCard it will take longer to receive the microtransactions (We are unsure as to why this is).

If you do not complete the verification process, your order will NOT be completed and your card will NOT be charged.

The verification process is only required 1 time for each card, after that our processor will no longer ask you to complete this step to pay with your credit card.