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Whether you’re a city dabber who likes dank shatteror smoking weed on the street and going swimming through crowds of people, or a naturalist who prefers to blaze some top shelf mail order marijuana and surround yourself with mountains, trees, and water, British Columbia is tailor-made for the cannabis enthusiast. Get your mail order marijuana products at our curated online dispensary.

The first province was the first to have dispensaries and we are a proud part that ecosystem in our work as an online dispensary. From the laid-back weed mecca metropolitan terrain of Vancouver, Victoria, and BC’s many smaller cities, to Vancouver Island’s deep-woods big foot weed growing country, the province is an eclectic mix of chill urban life and even chiller wet, wonderful wilderness. Mail order marijuana in British Columbia is abundant. You can get even wetter on the massive coastline, perfect for rolling some mail order marijuana and relaxing on a stand-up paddleboard on Okanagan Lake or puff with friends as you get bent on a gravel road outside of Fort St. John’s or you might need some weed delivered for inspiration for that creative writing assignment at UNBC in Prince George.

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A curated online dispensary.

We are proud to supply and deliver marijuana to all our friends in British Columbia in every community with the finest mail order marijuana Canada delivered in discreet packaging so you’ll have no worries when your weed is delivered to your door in one of the most beautiful and friendly places on earth.

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We promote BC’s independent growers and producers that contribute a huge amount to the culture and economy of the province. Please speak with your local MP to ensure they are doing every thing they can to protect our economy and keep it here in BC.