Buying cannabis from an online dispensary has its perks, like the added convenience of privacy and delivery straight to your front door. However, if you’re going to be ordering from an online cannabis dispensary, there are a few steps you should take beforehand.

Be Prepared

First, you’ll need to live in a state where medical marijuana is legal. Obviously, you’ll be unable to have marijuana delivered to you if it is illegal in your place of residence.

Then, you need to have a valid prescription. The process of obtaining a medical marijuana card varies by city, state, and country, but it usually requires a recommendation from a doctor.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to be your primary doctor. Having the recommendation of any licensed physician will suffice. Once you’ve obtained your medical marijuana card, make sure the state you’re in allows for cannabis delivery. Even in states where medical marijuana is legal, the delivery of it may not be. To shop with us at The Green Ace, you just need to be 19 and have a Canadian address.

Do Your Research

With most dispensaries, the first step is to make sure you are buying from a reputable source. Be informed about the dispensary you are doing business with. Read reviews and do your own research prior. That way, you can be sure that what you’re purchasing is legal and safe.

Once you’ve done this research, browse the dispensary’s selection. A good dispensary will offer a variety of products. Decide what strain of cannabis you want if you are buying it in its smokable form. See if they offer edibles, concentrates, or other forms of cannabis.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Add whatever items you’ve decided on to your cart and check out securely. You may or may not be required to give your signature upon delivery, depending on the dispensary’s policies. All cannabis orders should arrive in secure packaging. Our team at The Green Ace ensures that all outgoing cannabis orders are carefully packed and vacuum sealed.

There are some restrictions in terms of paying for a cannabis order through an online dispensary. Not all dispensaries will accept payment in the form of credit cards. Usually, you’ll have to pay with an e-transfer or directly through your online bank.

Consider Insurance

If you are concerned about your order being lost or stolen, consider purchasing shipping insurance. Dispensaries may or may not offer this, but it’s always important to check. This way, if anything happens to your order, it can be replaced with no additional charge.

Now that we’ve gotten the how’s out of the way, here are some reasons you might want to consider ordering from an online dispensary:


This is the first and probably most obvious reason you might want to purchase cannabis online. You can’t beat the simplicity of clicking the checkout button and having an order delivered directly to your door.

This is especially true if you are suffering from severe symptoms of a disease. Having medical marijuana delivered to you means you won’t have to visit a brick-and-mortar store if your physical health makes it difficult.


Not everyone feels comfortable sharing that they use cannabis habitually. If that’s the case for you, ordering from an online dispensary helps you bypass that. Buying online allows you to be discrete about your medical marijuana use.


Most of the time, people who are buying cannabis online are buying in bulk. This makes it possible for dispensaries to offer discounts that you may not find at physical stores. By shopping at an online dispensary, you can save a significant amount of money.


There are so many different types of cannabis products on the market, and e-commerce allows stores to offer more variety. Also, e-commerce is largely supply and demand, so you’ll rarely be in a situation where the product you’re looking for is out of stock.

To shop our extensive array of cannabis products, visit us at The Green Ace.