Online Dispensary the Green Ace delivers to Saskatchewan

We love the white winters and open spaces of Saskatchewan — nothing makes us feel more alive than bundling up, visiting our online dispensary and sparking a jay, then taking a stroll through a couple feet of snow at below-zero temps. Saskatchewan gets more sun then any other province so buy weed online and go enjoy it. It is perfect for packing that summer rig with some AAAA Shatter and cloud-watching at one of the many parks that dot the urban landscapes of Regina and Saskatoon.

Our curated online dispensary selection is meant to cut out the bammer and shake and offer only the best crops and extracts.

If you like your extreme climates just a bit extremer, bring a wind-proof vape rig and an evening’s worth of liquid shatter to get the most out of the province’s legendary summer storms. Wind and hail, sure, but Saskatchewan gets more tornadoes than anywhere else in Canada, perfect for getting bent with some Master Kush and lashing yourself to the sturdiest elm you can find.

The hearty weather makes the roughrider territory strong but if your looking to chill and watch a game from home then go to our online dispensary and buy weed online. Then watch it as it gets delivered in 1-2 business days. Not bad timing to get access to the very best.

We have strong ties to the Saskatchewan cannabis community, and happily supply our friends in the windy province with the the best BC Bud, extracts, and specialty mail-order-marijuana products that keep them going in any season.

Our curated online dispensary supplies our Green Ace members with only the high quality cannabis products. So buy weed online today.