The Most Popular Marijuana Grading System

The A-AAA grading system is as being use today, especially in Canada as the representation of lab-tested marijuana with accurate results of the evaluation.

This grading system is based on the methodology and the ways in which a specific cannabis strain is grown than the actual strain itself. There are many marijuana grading systems in the world, but most grading system physical shop use in Canada is the AA to AAAA grading system.

Some cannabis stores still use the “Low Grade, Mid-Grade, and High grade” grading system to evaluate their cannabis products. Today, legal cannabis stores with their licensed growers in Canada don’t use the said marijuana grading system.

They prefer to evaluate their cannabis by the cannabis strain’s potency of THC and CBD which is defined by their official lab tests. This then allows the retailers and sellers to be more accurate and precise in pricing their cannabis products.

Following the legalization of cannabis in Canada, many thought there is only one official that is used by all the retailers, shops, growers, cultivators and companies in the cannabis industry in Canada.

However, the most popular AAAA grading system remains as uncertain as any grading system.

Some people use Leafly’s 0-100 scale to evaluate their cannabis products.

Others like Colorado Cannabis Tours use their own terminology for grading their cannabis, this is a US-based cannabis touring firm that uses “Dank. Mid-grade, Top-Shelf and Bad Reggie as their grading system.

This is also the same with a US-based MOM directory, the Colorado Pot Guide that name the lowest grade of cannabis as “Schwag” and the highest possible grade as “Specialty, Premium, or Connoisseur”.

But, have you ever thought when this “famous grading system” was came from or who invented it? Let’s see.

The History of the Famous Marijuana Grading System

The first AA rating was used in the ’80s to describe the marijuana flower. This was also this time that the “Double-A” (AA) and “Triple A” (AAA) were used.

If you see cannabis in a store with a “Single A” (A) rating, it means that the quality of cannabis is bad unlike with “Triple A” (AAA_ rating, which just as you expect, a cannabis with the best quality available.

Then comes 2000, consumers heard the term quads, or “Quadruple A” (AAAA), this is because of numerous trips that vary and many new different kinds of cannabis strains that are brought into this world.

The new rating was needed to define new cannabis strains that are far better and the use of the terms “4A” or “Quads” become common.

A Grade Weed

On the A-AAAAA grading system, A Grade cannabis is usually the lowest quality of buds that are not worth purchasing. Some cannabis consumers refer to this kind of quality as schwag, ditch weed, or dirt weed.

The only good about A-grade cannabis is that it is far more inexpensive compared to a higher quality weed. Even in the physical appearance, you can tell that this lowest-quality weed is not good. Often with weak flowers and covered in stems.

With this cannabis, you may experience more harm than benefits, like dizziness and headaches.

AA Grade Weed

If you are on a tight budget, you can still get low-grade cannabis other than the A-rated weed. Commonly, “Double-A” rated weeds are referred to by consumers as the “budget meal” for their marijuana needs.

The popular saying “you get what you pay for” is true for this low-grade cannabis. Although you can find some good stuff in this low-grade category, it is not always to be expected.

The quality of this weed is bad, lots of brown coloreds, or off-colored mostly in appearance. It also smells bad, you wouldn’t even recognize it as a weed.

AAA Grade Marijuana

Triple-A or AAA grade cannabis is one you could really say that it really is cannabis of quality, a number of stores even sell Triple-A and above.

This refers to flowers that look thick, colorful, and healthy. Depending on the strain, you will see trichomes of orange, purple or yellow.

This quality of cannabis offers intense cerebral and body high.

Pro cannabis consumers sometimes have problems even with this high rated cannabis. Because other consumers prefer a higher quality of marijuana and its potency.

Anyway, any marijuana rated Triple-A and above in the marijuana grading system is enough for your regular cannabis consumer.

AAAA Grade Marijuana

Marijuana rated Quads or Quadruple A is usually the best of best cannabis you can find in a store.

You find cannabis of this quality if you look around well-known strains in a cannabis store. This is the level of marijuana where the appearance, aroma, and taste of cannabis is comparable to a 4-star restaurant, a near-perfect quality.

AAAAA Grade Weed

Grade AAAAA marijuana, the perfect, absolute, and the only highest-quality cannabis has to offer. Only the most popular strains are on this level.

Flowers are frosty, thick, aromatic and overloaded with trichomes. Cannabis flavors are comparable to the cuisine prepared for you by a five-star restaurant. 

It is also referred to as chronic, dank, fire, flame, etc. by consumers of this quality.

And of course, premium cannabis comes with a hefty price.

Offers little to no headaches and dizziness, give you intense body and cerebral high depending on your needs.

Last Words

Since the ’80s, there are marijuana grading system already being used, but the most popular of this grading system is the AAAA grading system.

Unlike other grading systems which only evaluate the level of its THC and CBD content, the AAA marijuana grading system also evaluates variables affecting the cannabis through its cultivation and handling methods.

This grading system has 4 or above levels. The A grade, Double-A (AA) grade, Triple-A (AAA), Quad-A (AAAA) and the highest grade, the AAAA+ or AAAAA. And today, this grading system is now widely used due to its accurate and precise evaluation results.

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