Hash can give you the best smoking experience. In this article, we discuss how to make hash at home with these step-by-step guides. These do-it-yourself (DIY) methods are easy and are also efficient at the same time in making hash.

Before you dive deep in, let’s talk about the history of hash. The word hash originated from the Arabic word hashish which refers to grass. Cannabis is in concentrated form in hash. In the olden times, people used bare hands to make balls out of cannabis by rubbing and rolling the resin.

Hash has a unique taste as compared to other cannabis flavors. It brings about a smooth smoking experience and makes you feel high.

As of now, cannabis is available in the form of oils with solvents. Another method to prepare concentrated cannabis is by squeezing the plant with hot plates to extract the resin. But the old concentrated form is still loved by many. 

If you are wondering how to make hash at home, then read the full article. You will find it easy and interesting.

There are two ways to make hash at home. The first method is to separate trichomes from the dry shift and the second method is through hand rolling. 

How to make hash using the dry-sieving method?

In the dry shift method, hash is usually made by collecting trichomes from dried cannabis flowers. These trichomes can be defined as small pellets present in cannabis flowers and are composed of the highest THC concentrations. The output is called kief or keef which contains cannabinoids.

Next, the kief is squeezed and heated into blocks which make them brown or black in color.

Though hash has its roots from the Middle East, it was also used in India, Pakistan, Tibet, and Nepal for many years.

The dry-sieving method is an easy home procedure, as it involves taking buds and filtering them through a sieve. 

The trichomes will be separated from dry cannabis flowers to make kief. The collected kief will then be squeezed and heated to form hash.

The materials required for the dry-sieving method are the following: 

  • Cannabis buds
  • Silkscreen
  • Clean, flat surface to catch resin
  • Cellophane
  • Oven
  • Rolling pin

Step-by-step procedure for the dry-sieving method

  1. Separate the trichomes. Place the silkscreen on the top of a flat, clean surface. Place the cannabis buds and keep moving them around gently with your hands. This allows the trichomes to separate from the buds and filter through the screen. Once you have collected 10% to 20% of the kief, stop sieving them. The normal amount of getting kief is 1 gram per 10 grams of the cannabis buds.
  2. Get the collected kief, cover it, and seal it in cellophane tape. Heat the oven at 340°F for 15 minutes. This will melt the resin and allow them to blend well. 
  3. Take the heated package from the oven and squeeze it with a rolling pin. Ensure that the pressure is uniform so that the hash will be squeezed evenly. After two or three times of repeating this step, you will get a finer hash.
  4. To cool the rolled hash, place it into a refrigerator. After cooling, you can remove the package and start smoking it.
  5. While smoking hash, you can add some dried cannabis flowers to burn the hash smoothly.

2. How to make hash using the hand-rolling method

The hand-rolling method comes handy when you don’t have access to your refrigerator, oven, and sieve. This method dates back to centuries and is the same traditional way of making charas. 

This method involves rubbing the live flowers in the palms of your hands to make resin. 

Though this method takes time, many recreational and medical marijuana users love this hand-rolling method. 

Materials required:

Raw buds from a live mature cannabis plant.

What To Do:

  1. To avoid contamination, wash your hands well. 
  2. Get one or two cannabis buds in your hand and softly roll them in your palms. Take note that you don’t need to apply additional pressure to the bud. They should move freely in your hands.
  3. After this, you will witness the formation of thick resin on your hands. Keep rolling and extract more resin from the buds. 
  4. Collected the resin from your hands and squeeze them together to make a ball. 

How to use the homemade hash

In the dry-sieving method or hand-rolling method, you will be getting a black or dark brown hash. You can use it in a pipe, vaporizer, joint or bong.

If you prefer using a join or bong, it is recommended to mix some dried flowers to get a smooth burn. 

How To Store Hash

Once the hash is made, it can be preserved for months or even years with no or little changes to its flavor and potency with correct storage. 

The best place to store the hash is in a frost-free freezer. We also recommend metal, silicone or glass containers for storage.

Plastic or rubber containers should be avoided in storing hash as they could react chemically with the compounds present in the substance. Terpenes are volatile substances that gives aroma and flavor to the hash which may react with plastics. As a result, plastic or rubber containers with hash would be degraded over time. 

The potency of the hash can be destroyed by heat, moisture, mild light, oxygen exposure and oxidization. The outer layer of the hash will lose its potency first, while the inside part will remain potent. It is recommended to make hash in the quantity you need per month or two and prepare it fresh. In this way, you don’t have to worry about exposure and potency. 

Who would not like to make hash using the above-said methods? They are easy to make, right? So, please share this article with anyone who may be wondering how to make hash.

Now, it is your turn to talk. Which method are you going to try first: the hand-rolling method or the dry-sieving method? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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