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Elephant Hash

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Hashish, also known as hash, is made from cannabis. Hashish is a cannabis resin and usually consumed by smoking a small piece using a bong, joint, pipe or vaporizer. Some users ingest it orally.

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Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Elephant Hash

  1. Chelseyoulette

    I enjoy the smooth taste and very good body stone

  2. glen.oulette-7301


    This is very smooth and good burning. Very nice high. Very good priced out product

  3. zacharias.nookiguak

    zacharias.nookiguak (verified owner)

    This Elephant Hash was one of the best Hashish products that I have tried in my 15+ years of smoking.

  4. TheQuadJudge (verified owner)

    Nice bubble hash for the price point if you enjoy this type of hash. It burned fairly clean and the flavor was decent.

  5. David74


    Très bon hash je vous le recommande tresbon gout bon buzz

  6. steve.frank

    steve.frank (verified owner)

    Really chill body high. Burned well ash was white. Can’t go wrong at this price if hash is your thing.

  7. callmerp

    callmerp (verified owner)

    very good and strong, good taste and smell. not too dry you can roll its and cut it easily 5 on 5

  8. t0nystar

    t0nystar (verified owner)

    nice dark hash, smell woordy and pepper.. strong buzz !!!

  9. Wheelerdealer

    Wheelerdealer (verified owner)

    Just ordered for the second time! Probably my favourite hash yet!

  10. dgf0452

    dgf0452 (verified owner)

    Nice mild smoke, mixes well Wedding Cake in my pipe bowl.

  11. benoit.huard gosselin

    benoit.huard gosselin (verified owner)

    Really nice texture and a nice dark color

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