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1 Ounce Flower + 1 Pack Edibles 150MG $89

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Reviews (24)

24 reviews for 1 Ounce Flower + 1 Pack Edibles 150MG $89

  1. 420Gen

    420Gen (verified owner)

    Decent for the price. Not my favourite strain but enjoyed the option of the edible to add on

  2. glen.murphy

    glen.murphy (verified owner)

    Good bud, like the ediable add on

  3. cam.holmes

    cam.holmes (verified owner)

    At this price you would think to good to be true!! The lemon sour diesel or Bubba OG were quite nice and toss in free edibles and prerolls You can’t lose!

  4. glen.murphy

    glen.murphy (verified owner)

    Been living this promo…. good weed good price !

  5. glen.murphy

    glen.murphy (verified owner)

    Been loving this promo…. good weed good price !

  6. kaitlyn.woodman

    kaitlyn.woodman (verified owner)

    This has always been my favorite Promo!

  7. cam.holmes

    cam.holmes (verified owner)

    This should pretty much a mainstay of every order!! Excellent variety and price on such a quality product.

  8. redrarp

    redrarp (verified owner)

    A1 for the price

  9. jeromy.evans

    jeromy.evans (verified owner)

    Its a really good deal if your looking for a nice treat to go with it as well! Better tasting then i expected.

  10. sam.hotzon

    sam.hotzon (verified owner)

    I chose the Peanut Butter Breath and the thc blueberry gummies. Awesome price nice buds unfortunately it makes me cough up a lung. Gower it will make a nice mixture in one of my salads.

  11. lcj22

    lcj22 (verified owner)

    Really enjoying the Bubba Kush. Haven’t tried the gummies yet. Such a good deal, why wouldn’t you go for it.?!?! Great promo.

  12. michelle.mcguire

    michelle.mcguire (verified owner)

    The Green Ace is FANTASTIC. You always get what you ordered in a timely manner!

  13. mercedize.mekish

    mercedize.mekish (verified owner)

    Such a good pack for a great price! and i loved how fast the shipping was! cant wait to order more!

  14. selena.bennett

    selena.bennett (verified owner)

    Great tasting bud for a great price!

  15. steve.mckenna

    steve.mckenna (verified owner)

    Thought this was a good deal (it was !!)
    Second time buying from Green Ace, really impressed with the freshness of all products and its quality !
    I was super impressed with shipping and delivery. Since I’m buying from the other side of Canada thought I’d be waiting forever.
    The GA processed order right away and their shipping estimate I thought was on the overly optimistic side!!! Well they beat that estimate by a day!!!! I will defiantly buy some more!!

  16. steve.mckenna

    steve.mckenna (verified owner)

    Second time ordering two of this deal.
    Green Ace never fails to impress me.
    Product description is spot on, always great!
    Shipping (speed) is fantastic!
    My go to store (and I’m on the other side of Canada )

  17. treenadawn

    treenadawn (verified owner)

    What a deal! The candy was my NYE treat and I lived them, the bud smells amazing and is absolutely uplifting for me, love it.

  18. stephanie.koadloak

    stephanie.koadloak (verified owner)

    Loved the Cereal Milk small nugs, nice high. The Peanut Butter Breath was okay and the free 7gs was not very well. But all in all I’d order again. Also loved the gummies wish I ordered more.

  19. cynthia.desjardins

    cynthia.desjardins (verified owner)

    I like the deal and the new bags.

  20. brandon.demery

    brandon.demery (verified owner)

    Pretty good deal though edibles were kinds weak

  21. xo.redroses.16

    xo.redroses.16 (verified owner)

    Love this deal! Definitely going to get more!

  22. hulkamania555

    hulkamania555 (verified owner)

    great deal

  23. jeannelle.lee

    jeannelle.lee (verified owner)

    great bang for your buck, reliable service, fast responses and fast shipping. love this deal, will buy again

  24. robert.hoyland

    robert.hoyland (verified owner)

    I think the weed has a much more deasel scent to it and the potency is great. The feeling of conversation and out going mindset is there. Some pain relief as well. The free gummies are a money saving bonus! The fruity flavor reminded me of going to buy gummies as a kid…. delicious. They are potent in my opinion, take them in the way you know your body, mind and metabolism works. For value, strength and flavor quality it’s 5 for me in this review!

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