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Medi-Star Hash

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Medi-star is a joyful Indica and is the perfect strain after a tiring day. It is known all around the world for its strong full-body effect and fine cerebral stimulation. Those who are experiencing chronic pain or arthritis can benefit from Medi-stars relaxing effect. Almost all will feel the high immediately with cerebral effects beginning after that first hit. It uplifts your spirits and fills you with a euphoric sensation. Subsequently, most would feel an intense body high that calms and relaxes your muscles. These effects go along with a blurry haze that will give you difficulty in focusing. Others would say that this strain makes them feel worn out.

Flavor: Sweet, Berry and Piney

Effects: Relaxing and Sedating

Flavor: Sweet, Berry and Piney

Effects: Relaxing and Sedating

Reviews (17)

17 reviews for Medi-Star Hash

  1. Estelle

    New to us but, surprisingly really good for the price. Smells and tastes like old school hash. We really like it.

  2. 420Gen

    420Gen (verified owner)

    Really liked this hash and would buy again

  3. Lazy

    I am quite impressed with these. It takes a bit more to get a high ranking but it is a beautiful high. It’s good in itself and is a great addition to a business. It is fragile. The taste is excellent, which is to be expected with this bargain.

  4. Andrew

    This is my second time buying this hash. The buzz from this is good compared to most of the hash I’ve bought in the last few years it seems. This taste is nice, the toke is smooth and it burns well. For the quality, the price is right (I think) for this product. I will buy more again.

  5. Daredevil

    Daredevil (verified owner)

    Great bang for your buck, nice flavor, nice texture and great for old school blades. nice effects.

  6. callmerp

    callmerp (verified owner)

    im not a fan of this one i prefere philosopher and the elephant they taste better. but for the high they the same strong potent…. so for the price i give a 4 on 5

  7. Ritho (verified owner)

    Personally, yes, I like this Medi-Star concentrate. A bit oily, “moisty”. It’s generate a nice buzz, just like the description says. I’m on the verge of ordering some more of that.
    Ps: order #100840
    Thank you

  8. LadyQ

    LadyQ (verified owner)

    Nice smoke good for the money you pay.

  9. Ryan Pichette (verified owner)

    A1# gets me ripped every time! My old ripped of 1/2 hoots!

  10. redrarp

    redrarp (verified owner)

    Taste and smell and quality are great

  11. redrarp

    redrarp (verified owner)

    Good stuff for the price

  12. Shadow

    Shadow (verified owner)

    I have been smoking primarily hashish for over 35 years. This hash is soft and pliable, bakes nicely and has a smooth thick smoke with a very nice high, however I only gave it four stars just because of my preference, I didn’t like the taste very much. This hash is still a great product and delivers on its promise.

  13. rainer.sazon

    Rainer Sazon (verified owner)

    Medi star hashish my favourite hash from green ace. It is very soft and pliable,,which makes it so easy to handle. My fingers get a little sticky when handling this hash. My only problem with this has is that it has a little earthy taste but it hits like a truck so i can get past that. You know it’s primo hash when it has a very high and long burning point temperature. I recommend smoking Medi Star hash using a h’apple glass bong.

  14. Normando

    Normando (verified owner)

    Very smooth, very good. Good quality vs price… Thanks

  15. Bnas

    Bnas (verified owner)

    5 stars for this hash!! Absolutely loved it TGA does it again

  16. ronstrudel

    ronstrudel (verified owner)

    Taste good,Fair effect

  17. fjr

    fjr (verified owner)

    very good product and service will be buying more forsure

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