People have been tripping on hash for centuries. Though the legalization of recreational marijuana has flooded the market with lots of new forms of cannabis concentrates, the popularity of hash or hashish continues to grow unaffected. Made from the pure resin extracted from the trichomes of female marijuana buds, hash is a highly potent and aromatic cannabis concentrate. You can dab it, roll it in a joint, use it in a bong or a pipe, or vape it with a variety of vaping devices. As hashish contains high levels of THC, you will need very little to get super high.

If you are looking to buy hash online Canada has now many totally trustworthy options for you. Since the arrival of Cannabis 2.0, mail order marijuana services in Canada are now allowed to sell a variety of hash among other cannabis concentrates. There are many reputed online weed dispensaries in Canada that offer some of the best hashish of the world at amazing prices. In this post, we have curated some of the best hash products that are available online. If you are interested to buy hash online Canada, these products from the top-rated cannabis concentrate makers are absolutely worth trying.

Buy hash online Canada

Currently, there are many hashish products in the market which will give you great THC highs. Below, we present the best of them for you. All of these hashish products are extracted from the best flowers and highly rated by the customers. You can find them at The Green Ace online weed dispensary at discounted rates. Order any of them and pure THC high is guaranteed. 

For the hashish connoisseurs, Lebanese hash is a highly coveted stuff. The country, where it is still illegal, exports some of the best hash of the world. Straight from the Bekaa Valley of eastern Lebanon, Elephant Hash is a premium quality hashish. Slow and smooth burning, this will give you an excellent cerebral high and body buzz. Available at 2g and 7g packs, they will cost you $28-$85.

Afghanistan is the mecca of hashish trade. As the hashish aficionados will tells you, the best quality hash is produced in regions like Balk and Mazar-i-Sharif of northern Afghanistan that fall between the Hindu Kush and the Russian border. This is where Diamond gets its hash from. Hand-extracted from the best indica buds using no other solvent other than tea and water, Diamond Afghanis Hash is known for its divine aroma and taste. It is extremely condensed and malleable. And of course highly potent. An amount of the size of a match head will produce around 3 to 4 generous puffs which are more than enough to get a strong but soothing high. 2g of Diamond Afghani Hash will cost you $45, which is a fair price given the high potency of the substance.

Don’t let the name confuse you; AK-47 Hash is not made from the famous cannabis strain of the same name. But that doesn’t mean that this hash is less potent in any respect. This hash is famous for inducing a Sativa like cerebral high that fades into a mellow body buzz. In the end, you feel extremely calm and relaxed. However, it won’t leave you couch-locked making it perfect for daytime use. Very soft and thick, AK-47 hashish is hand-compressed from a mix of Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani strains by using only tea and water. 2g of this highly flavorful and aromatic hashish will cost you only $40.   

For those looking to buy hash online Canada, our next recommendation will be the famous Rolling Stones Hashish. This dense top-rated Afghani hash is very easy to crumble and use in a variety of ways. It has an impressive texture which makes you fancy it even more. Not just the classy look, this old-school hash has a great aroma and taste as well. Easily distinguished by its unique spicy and piney scent, Rolling Stones Hash will give you strong cerebral highs. There is no extra additive or solvent used to make this premium black hash. A 2g pack will cost you only $40.  

Morocco is responsible for producing nearly half of the world’s good quality, hand-compressed/no additive hashish. Casablanca Hash originates in the Casablanca region of Morocco which is known for producing some deliciously fragrant and highly potent hashish. Unlike other Moroccan Hash, Casablanca Hashish can boast of its perfect consistency. This hash is carefully cured to the perfect humidity level by its makers so that you can get an extremely flavorful and malleable product. A smooth and sweet tasting hash with clear hints of distinctive earthy and piney notes, this light brown hashish comes in 2g and 7g packs. Depending on the amount, Casablanca Moroccan Hash will cost you from $40 to $125.

Another black hashish from Lebanon, Mercedes is dark brown on the outer surface and lighter brown in the interior. It is a mid-tier imported hash that has a mild aromatic profile. It smells somewhat spicy and tastes earthy. When exhaled, Mercedes Hash leaves a smooth and quite enjoyable aftertaste. Soft and totally malleable, it gives you a light head high and lots of creative energy. Mercedes Hash is available in 2g and 7g packs. Depending on how much you order, you need to spend only $24-$75 for this quality hashish.

Now that you have a list of the best products in the market, it will be very easy to buy hash online Canada. Choose any of these top-rated hash products from The Green Ace, and you’ll get some of the best highs of your life. Not only ideal for recreational purposes, any of these hashish would also be extremely effective for a variety of health conditions. The high THC concentrations in them make them ideal medications for chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression and lots of other therapeutic requirements.