With more and more researches coming up, therapeuticvalue of cannabis is now widely acknowledged all over the world. Besides the dried flowers, marijuana is now accessible in many different forms. Cannabis oils are definitely one of the most popular marijuana products available in the market. Easy-to-use and highly potent, they can be delivered in a variety of ways and have a range of medicinal benefits for the user. If you are not so sure about where to buy cannabis oil, this post will help you with that. Come on, let’s have a look!

What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is extracted from cannabis plants and finds its way into a variety of cannabis-infused products sold in the market. Cannabis oils can be extracted from both the marijuana plants as well as industrial hemp plants. While the former has high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol – the main psychoactive compound in cannabis), hemp-based cannabis oils have only trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3 per cent). Besides the varying amounts of THC, cannabis oil of all types contain CBD (cannabidiol), other cannabinoids, various terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids etc. which combine to produce an entourage effect with amazing healing powers. However, the exact chemical composition and therapeutic potential of a particular marijuana oil will depend on the genetic of the plants it is extracted from, the extraction method as well as the filtration and extra processing after extraction.

Where to buy cannabis oil

If you are looking to purchase cannabis oil legally, your options depend on which country you live in. Like any form of cannabis, the sale and use of cannabis oil is still illegal in many countries. Some countries like US only allow the hemp-based oils as they contain less than 0.1 per cent THC in them. The oils extracted from cannabis plants which contain significant amounts of THC fall under the category of Schedule 1 drugs as explicated by the federal laws. However, there are many states in the US that will let you legally purchase cannabis oils under their state laws. On the other hand, there are countries like Canada, where both recreational and medical consumption of marijuana is legal. As a result, there will be no difficulty to get hold of some quality marijuana oil in Canada.

• Where to buy cannabis oil in Canada?

While Canada legalized recreational marijuana in 2018, it left cannabis oils, concentrates and edibles out of its ambit. Only medical marijuana patients with proper documentation were permitted to buy any kind of cannabis oil from the licensed medical marijuana dispensaries and use them for therapeutic purposes. The sale or consumption of cannabis oils for recreational purposes was illegal even after 2018 legalization. However, the situation changed after the rollout of cannabis 2.0 regulations in October 2019 which legalized all types of cannabis extracts, concentrates and edibles in a broad sweep. Now, you can find a variety of cannabis oils – both hemp-based CBD oils as well as THC high marijuana oils – in every pot dispensary across the nation. There are some top-rated cannabis oil manufacturers like the Valens GroWorks, Westleaf, MediPharm Labs, Island Therapeutics, Vitality Health CBD, BuyMellow and others who produce premium quality cannabis or CBD oils.

• Where to buy cannabis oil in the US?

While the US federal laws still consider cannabis oil as a Schedule 1 banned substance, many state laws say otherwise. Medical marijuana is now legal in 33 US states. If you can obtain a certificate from your physician recommending medical marijuana for an approved health condition or get a medical marijuana card (MMJ), you are eligible to purchase cannabis oils from any licensed dispensary in those states. For the 11 states which have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, accessing good quality cannabis oils is even easier. You don’t need a medical prescription to buy cannabis oils in those states, but a state ID or a driver’s license to prove that you are of legal age to consume weed.

Hemp-based cannabis oils, on the other hand, are sold all over the US as they are exempted from the FDA ban on marijuana products. You can find a variety of hemp-derived CBD oils and hempseed oils in departmental stores, food stores, alternative medicine dispensaries, wellness stores, yoga studios and medical establishments.

• Where to buy cannabis oils – shopping online

These days, mail order marijuana services are a growing trend and people prefer to purchase their cannabis supplies online. Depending on where you live, you can find many premium websites and online cannabis dispensaries that sell a variety of cannabis oils and hemp-based CBD oils. The choices are usually more extensive than what your local brick-and-mortar pot store can offer and the prices are more favorable. Typically, you get various deals and discounts on your purchase of cannabis oils from an online dispensary, which makes it a far better option than driving to a physical store.

Where to buy cannabis oil – a few factors to consider

If you live in a country where the sale and consumption of cannabis oil is perfectly legal, you’d probably have lots of dispensaries and manufacturers to choose from. Before you decide on where to buy cannabis oil from, you need to consider a few essentials.

• Buy from licensed, totally legit dispensaries or companies only.
• Make sure the dispensary/manufacturer sells good quality cannabis oils tested by third-party labs.
• An effective way to ascertain the quality of the products sold by a company is to check out the customer feedbacks and reviews.
• Check out the prices and find out which seller offers the best deals.
• An extensive variety of products means that you have more options, which is always a good thing for the customer.
• If you are buying online, make sure that the dispensary/manufacturer provides timely and secure delivery services.
• Check out how good their customer services are.
• Transparency regarding the transaction is very important. Avoid any shady dealings and businesses for your safety.

If you follow our guidelines, purchasing good quality cannabis oils is very easy. Do your research and find out a suitable dispensary – whether a local brick-and-mortar store or a virtual mail order marijuana service – near you. Buy some top-rated cannabis oil and make life a whole lot better!