There are several major factors that affect your highest THC strains “high”. Each of these factors contributes greatly to your cannabis “high” experience.

Factors for your Highest THC Strains’  “High”

When it comes to enjoying cannabis, there is a lot of factors that you need to understand for you to have your highest THC strains “high” experience, also, there are factors that are outside of your control.

 You can ask your circle of potheads about their favorite highest THC strain, and you will get a ton different of various answers.

 Everyone has different experiences when it comes to cannabis “high”.

 Others like their “high” to be buzzy and some prefer to be smooth, others may like to it in their head yet others like it in their body 

 You can empower yourself and have better experiences by understanding the factors that affect your cannabis “high” with your different cannabis strains and finding what works best for you.

 And because there is only limited information to the whole of the cannabis and its consumers, it is confusing to look upon marijuana these days.

 Researchers and experts on the cannabis field today are still learning on the ways of how cannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system.

 So below are the factors which affect your “high” experience with your marijuana.


Many of you have heard that some old folks in your neighborhood now are having a hard time tolerating cannabis unlike they have indulged in cannabis consumption when they are younger.

 Many of you may think that old folks may have lost their cool when they aged, however, it is known that age does really affect your “high”.

 A study in 2007 that was performed in rats stated that there is a solid link between age and cannabis. 

The mentioned study shows that old rats have difficulty in withstanding the effects of cannabis than their younger counterparts. The study found out that older rats are more susceptible to stress, anxiety and suppressed movements.

 Cannabis Consumption Methods

There are many ways to consume your favorite highest THC strain. The most common of them all is smoking, vaping, and ingesting edibles.

The mentioned methods have their own variables. The effect of cannabis with the same strain is also dependent on the way you consume it. The effects of smoking cannabis are different from vaping or eating it. Because each method of consuming cannabis have their dosing recommendations and also have their own unique effects. 

Managing your cannabis dose might be easier with some methods than their counterparts.And you may find that with the same cannabis strain, the experience you will get from some methods will be different from other methods.

 These factors affect the length and the “high” of your cannabis. 

Cannabinoid Profile

Your experience with your cannabis “high” is highly dependent on the strain. The most notable differences you will encounter is between the THC and CBD cannabinoid.

The THC or tetrahydrocannabinol produces the “high” experience while CBD or cannabidiol will affect your body, both are now legal in Canada.

Nonetheless, today there are around 113 cannabinoids that have been isolated in the cannabis plant.

There are various strains that have cannabinoids with different potency in your cannabis plants, and each one of them will greatly affect your high.

You can do your personal experimentations or get help with an expert to help you find the cannabis that is best for you.

Additionally, you can maximize the benefits of your cannabis by blending your cannabis strains.


Terpenes are commonly found in all plants, these give you that distinguishable aroma and flavors. Terpenes do affect your cannabis “high”.

Some terpenes promote acuity and focus while other terpenes promote stress-relief and relaxations.

For example, linalool is commonly found in lavender which may provide you a relaxed “high” while limonene will give you relief from stress.

However, thorough studies and research is needed to officially confirm the beneficial effects of terpenes


Your environment setting plays a major role in your cannabis “high” and should not be taken lightly.

You will notice the difference in effects with the same strain if you consume it in two different times of the day, or two completely different days.

Your high is greatly affected by various scenarios. Before indulging in your cannabis, be sure to consider your mood and your comfort level.You can get your preferred mood and environment for your cannabis enjoyment by being aware of your surroundings.


Figuring the right amount of your cannabis dose sometimes can be difficult. This is true when you are trying new highest THC strains and eating those yummy cookies and brownies.

Of course, the dosage is one of the factors that can greatly affect the quality of your cannabis “high”.

Sometimes, when consuming cannabis too little will make you feel nothing and sometimes too much will make you glued on your couch.

The beauty of cannabis consumption is finding the right dosage of each strain just for you while enjoying your cannabis


Everyone is special in their own special way, and this can be true to each person’s tolerance to cannabis

Age is a great factor for your cannabis tolerance, but remember that there also other factors that can greatly affect your “high” experience

Your tolerance to with is associated with your body chemistry, how often do you smoke and the time you have been smoking cannabis

It is important to know your tolerance level to cannabis, in this way, you can gauge and adjust your dosage of cannabis and you will have the knowledge to choose the right cannabis “high for you. Either for your enjoyment or for your medical benefits.

Last Words

In total, there are seven factors you will need to understand and learn about when it comes to factors that affect your cannabis “high”

By learning these factors, it will greatly affect the quality of your cannabis “high”, the dosage you will need, and the different effects of each strain.

Not only that, but you also need to learn about your tolerance and age, this also has great effects on your enjoyment with your cannabis.

The bottom line is that, if you want to enjoy cannabis “high” more and have more medical benefits, you need to understand each factor for you to find your own preferred cannabis “high.