When it comes to the proper consumption of cannabis, there is an array of options to choose from and new modes of marijuana consumption are popping up every day. Glance through this post to get a fair idea about the various ways for proper consumption of cannabis and find out the best method depending on your preference and convenience.


Inhalation is the most popular mode of marijuana consumption which is known to produce effects within minutes. One of the fastest methods of proper consumption of cannabis flower on our list, inhalants are also hands down the most popular style of cannabis consumption. You can choose from the following kinds of inhalants:


Let us start with the most celebrated way of weed smoking popularized by numerous Hollywood movies such as The Big Lebowski, Dazed and Confused and many others. Many users prefer to load their joints with a bit of tobacco for a smoother smoking experience and headier high.


They are not much different from joints except for the fact that they are thicker and made up of cigar papers instead of rolling papers. Many smokers prefer blunts since they are more robust than the fragile joints.

Pipes and bowls

If you are in a rush or if you lack the dexterity to roll, then consider stuffing your weed in a bowl or pipe for a quick smoke. As effective as a blunt and joint, the only downside of bowls and pipes is that they need to be lit after every hit. Also, they are rather inconvenient for smoking outdoors.


One of the must-have ganja paraphernalia, bongs are available in various shapes and sized and can also sometimes be a work of art. The water present in the device makes for an absolutely smooth smoking experience while the broad rim of the pipe ensures that you get your fill with every puff. There are also miniature bongs called bubblers meant for a single hit.


Dabs aka butane hash oil are rather potent marijuana extract which should be used in moderation. Generally smoked with a rig, dabs need to be lit with a blowtorch instead of a lighter. This flash vaporization method of cannabis consumption can give you a solid buzz in no time. The best part about this mode of consumption is that all the vapor is devoid of any foreign plant material because of the high heat to which the dabs are exposed thereby making the vapor much purer than that of joints, blunts or bongs. Word of advice: Known as ‘crack’ of weed, novice users should stay away from this one.


When it comes to the proper consumption of cannabis, vaporizers are indeed a great option. Although similar to smoking, your weed is heated up in the vaporizer rather than being burnt. It is a health-friendly option as it doesn’t expose your throat and lungs to the burned organic substance. Vape pens are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and these days the tiny vape pens have become a popular alternative to joints. Yet another benefit of vaporizers is the fact that they can be used with cannabis oils which come with high THC content. They are regarded as the most healthy form of marijuana consumption because of its purity and smoothness.


Don’t like the idea of smoking your ganja? That shouldn’t be an issue since post-legalization you can choose from dozens of marijuana edibles. Just think about your favorite food and there’s possibly a marijuana recipe for it. However, apart from food, there is also a range of items meant for the oral ingestion of cannabis. However, keep in mind that weed edibles take a long time to take effects (30 to 120 minutes) and the effects can often be overwhelming. Oral consumption of weed is most suitable for patients using marijuana for chronic pain. They can also be used for recreational purposes provided you don’t have much to do. So it can be a great companion for your next long bus ride or train journey.

Kinds of edibles

  • Cannabis snacks

Most weed dispensaries in Canada and USA stock all kinds of marijuana snacks like cookies, brownies, cakes and caramels. If you can’t find the food you love the most then consider preparing cannabis butter at home and put a bit of that in your favorite dishes.

  • Pills

Just like any other medications, cannabis is also available as pills which are generally extremely potent marijuana concentrates. This can be a great option for users who are trying to give up smoking without giving up on THC. However, always make sure not to pop too many at once so as to keep the paranoia and anxiety at bay.

  • Dissolvable strips

Available as both CBD and THC, dissolvable strips are tiny edible papers that will dissolve as soon as you put it in your mouth. They are very similar to breathe strips but unlike them offer a great high.

  • Sprays

You can buy THC sprays which are basically cannabis tinctures packed inside a bottle. Just use it like a mouth-freshener and just one or two squirts is enough to take you on a different plane! One of the major advantages of sprays is that they are absolutely inconspicuous and therefore can be used almost anywhere.

  • Drinks

Although not a very common way of cannabis intake, these days you can find loads of cannabis-infused drinks such as weed tea, cannabis beer or marijuana coffee.

These are some of the most popular modes for proper consumption of cannabis but by no means, they are the only ones. Cannabis can be infused into anything and everything and cannabis creams and patches are also becoming rather popular by the day. Although joints, bowls, vaporizers and pipes continue to be the most preferred modes of weed intake, there are many users who prefer edibles over inhalants. What you need to do is try out all the various modes of ganja intake and find the one which suits you best.