If you’re a weed smoker, chances are that you’ve waked and baked before. Who doesn’t love to hit a joint in bed before going to work, heading off to class, or enjoying a day off?

It’s a pretty popular trend and one that’s showing no sign of stopping. With the rise of vapes, it’s easier now than ever to take a few hits discreetly before getting started on your day. However, not everyone thinks it’s smart to get into this habit.

At The Green Ace, we’re lovers of all types of smoking and strands. We’re the last people to judge anyone for their smoking habits, but we wanted to weigh in on this smoking phenomenon and whether it’s worth establishing as a daily habit.

Here are our top 3 pros and cons of waking and baking:


Kicking Off the Day Right

If smoking is a favorite hobby of yours, it’s going to be tempting to enjoy some bud first thing when you wake up. And there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that.

There seems to be a stigma against waking and baking that comes from people who perceive smoking as a nighttime-only pastime or group activity. But there are no laws among the marijuana community that say when someone can or cannot enjoy their weed.

At The Green Ace, we think you should enjoy smoking whenever you want. And if you love to get high first thing in the morning, we’re there with you – we love it, too! It’s a great way to start your day with positive vibes

Preparing for the Worst

Getting high before you have obligations and errands is a relaxer. We all have stress to deal with, and smoking before you take on a huge to-do list can really eliminate an anxious edge.

Pain Relief

As a medicine, marijuana brings relief for those suffering from chronic body pain. If you’re sick or suffering and can’t get to a doctor right away, a morning hit can help you get through your day.



We believe most smokers can handle their THC consumption. But some have the tendency to turn this favorite hobby into a habit that has the potential to throw them off their A-game on certain days. You may want to consider when and how you’re smoking weed.

If you’re going into a job interview or prepping for a huge pitch at 9 am, it’s probably not that wise to hit a joint before walking in. Even if it relaxes you or takes away pain, you don’t want others to think you can’t deal with stress without THC.

It comes down to common sense: Smoke when you can, but not when you shouldn’t.

Tolerance Build-Up

If you’re a wake-and-bake level smoker, chances are your tolerance is already pretty high. Be mindful that if you wake and bake frequently, you’ll boost your tolerance more than you might wish. You’ll need more to get to the level of high you expect to feel good in the morning.

Fatigue Inducer

Sometimes turning to weed to de-stress when we really need clarity and focus can harm us rather than help us get our day.

Weed in the early hours might start the day off right, but we might come crashing down around lunchtime and be prone to sleeping the loss of energy off. If you’re not careful, it’s possible that frequent waking and baking can keep you from pursuing much-needed goals.

What Do We Think?

We’re not here to police anyone. In fact, we think all smokers are responsible for tending to themselves.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with waking and baking. But we also think it’s not something that’s practical every day.

We believe in good old-fashioned self-monitoring. If your morning tolerance is becoming too high, then skip the wake and bake session the following few days to recover. If you really are stressed and need to take the edge off, go for it! It’s up to you to keep your smoking in check. This way, there won’t ever be any cons to waking and baking – instead, it’s a practice there for you when you need it most.