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Lemon Sour Diesel – Sativa Dominant Hybrid

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Lemon Sour Diesel – Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Name: Lemon Sour Diesel
Grade: AA+
Category: Flower / Hybrid
Type: 20% Indica / 80% Sativa
THC Content: 20% – 25% THC
CBD Content: < 1% – 2% CBD
Flavors: Citrus, Lemon, Sweet
Aromas: Citrus, Diesel, Earthy, Lemon, Pungent, Sour
Recommended use: Afternoon
Known to help with: Chronic Pain, Depression, Headaches, Stress

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Lemon Sour Diesel leave a taste of skunky and sweet with undertones of pepper, lemon, and gassy diesel. Lemon Diesel buds are dense and neon green with lots of white trichomes. The purple and gray leaves work to highlight the bright greens on the buds as well as the sparse orange hairs that cover them.

Effects: Lemon Diesel induces a heavy body high from your first puff. It begins with a head rush that sends tingles throughout the body, and your skin will feel a million goosebumps are rolling over you as your limbs are numb and relaxed. Your hands will feel light and your face can’t help but smile. As your muscles release, your focus will seem to wander. The rush of energy kicks in quickly and you’ll feel highly motivated, but don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t productive. This is an energy that leaves you feeling happy and thoughtful, but might not actually get you far from the couch.

Reviews (40)

40 reviews for Lemon Sour Diesel – Sativa Dominant Hybrid

  1. gary.webb

    Gary Webb (verified owner)

    Very happy with this good flavor good buzz will buy these one again

  2. Mike (verified owner)

    Very nice smell,fresh sativa,reminds me of the pot I used to get from California in the 80’s. Nice high,lotsa leg to it,feels great. Would like to see these guys do Neville’s Haze or Haze Mist,great job by Gas Demon,can’t wait to check out more of their strains,got 3 this time

  3. jrparis237


    Nice smell. Strong puffs. My sour diesel never came in a can. Worth a try.

  4. ashley

    After learning its lineage,to understand the characteristics of the parents, that go in to creating this strain,it’s originally from California, and grown in California. Amazing taste.

  5. Charles-Albert Beauchamp

    A super light taste of lemon and sweet diesel. Superb flower with a good smell, Do not leave a headache and do not give hunger. I liked the used in the morning at wake up or after lunch. I kept awake and did not give me anxiety.

  6. Dhinton_86

    This is one of my favorites because of how euphoria it has. Was told mine was lemon sour diesel.. is there a difference or are people confusing the name?

  7. Kingdom13

    Relaxing strain that me feel drowsy (even while drinking coffee), but also carefree with some alleviation to daily aches. Would definitely buy again, because it feels blissful, and is often priced lower than current mainstream favorites, but I wouldn’t recommend it for when you need to be alert and motivated.

  8. Daniel

    Laid on the couch, put my hat on my head, then took a nice stroll on the highway in a car I don’t even own, then woke up. So yeah.

  9. TheCalmDevil

    Unbelievable, this stuff truly sends you to space. Probably the best strain I’ve ever smoked – definitely the most euphoric. Great for pain too, and lasts for hours.

  10. Ashley P.

    I usually stay away from Sativas due to a super active mind but this strain is relaxing. Focused but high. Super lemony pine notes especially in exhale. I’m currently reading internet comments on politics which usually makes me want to stab people. All I’m stabbing are the fries on my plate to get the best possible gravy dip ratio. I also have a stupid grin on my face as I type this review.

  11. William

    Im happy as fuck

  12. Ruby E.

    I was skeptical at first but after I smoked it, I felt straight relaxation. Highly recommended

  13. jawahar.bhatti

    Jawahar Bhatti (verified owner)

    tasty, great cerebral high!!!

  14. Pilar.L

    Laid on the couch, put my hat on my head, then took a nice stroll on the highway in a car I don’t even own, then woke up. So yeah.

  15. SuSu

    So active head high that keeps you focused and alert. Super fun.

  16. William

    Some of the best weed I’ve smoked period

  17. Peter Q.

    This is my first review for a strain and I tell you what it’s great I smoke on joint before cleaning I was good focused and then I smoked another during and I was still okay and then I smoked and blunt and I’m tired and hungry

  18. Rhea Klengenberg (verified owner)

    Great tasting smoke. Sticky.

  19. Jkilbride

    Jkilbride (verified owner)

    This was my first time getting a Gas Demon product. Great packaging, I love the can it came in…very cool. Great product’ very uplifting, I found it helped alot with focus. Played guitar for hours and didn’t even realize how much time went by haha. I’ll have to give some of the other Gas Demons a try as well. This one was great in every aspect!

  20. steve.frank

    Steve Frank (verified owner)

    Love the lemon smell. This is a great summertime smoke.

  21. 187211 (verified owner)

    This was added to our favourite list, awesome smell nice size buds and good tasting. Will purchase again

  22. doctorclaw

    doctorclaw (verified owner)

    i bought this strain 3 times ..first 2 bags were amazing,received 3rd bag totally different seems to be very fresh , the taste is not even close ,kinda disappointed was gonna keep buying this one for a while 🙁 first 2 bags i would give a 5 star ..3rd bag 2 stars..

  23. katelynn.clarke

    Katelynn Clarke (verified owner)

    The price of this just right. Great weed at a great price! Love it

  24. frapp10

    frapp10 (verified owner)

    verry happy with this purchase , never disapointed when buying on this site 🙂

  25. dany.michaud

    Dany Michaud (verified owner)

    This is a nice balanced strain with a nice smell, good tasted and a medium to low level buzz. I would say this is a perfect strain to share with a newbie who hasn’t smoke in a very long time.

    This is a good strain for price and definitely worth buying.

  26. glen.murphy

    Glen Murphy (verified owner)

    Great strain top 5 favs

  27. cam.holmes

    Cam Holmes (verified owner)

    Excellent Bud!! Love the flavourful taste and great high.

  28. doctorclaw

    doctorclaw (verified owner)

    Very good buzz. The flavour was very tasty. Well worth it

  29. Leafs123

    Leafs123 (verified owner)

    Awesome strain. Nice buds and great taste

  30. hussain.jamshidi

    Hussain Jamshidi (verified owner)

    Honestly, the best deal out there. Nice taste, with a high that feels nice and not debilitating.

  31. Wright1@

    Wright1@ (verified owner)

    I’ve had this strain many times before from various places and met with disappointment.
    But because I’ve not been disappointed with anything from here I thought I’d try “The Green Aces” version and bingo, I love this one.
    Hits hard with the first toke with tingly euphoria and also a quick body stone that’s very floaty was a great surprise! The Taste is fantastic lemony diesel that tickles the lips and palette. 10 out of 10

  32. brad.kopachynski

    Brad Kopachynski (verified owner)

    Very nice smell, like the old time grass we used to smoke, and packs a punch. Great at alleviating pain, and no couch lock.

  33. Jlb

    Jlb (verified owner)

    It’s good and perfect price.

  34. Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia (verified owner)

    Ordered this product in my first order, I’m impressed with my first order, and the freebies were a pleasant surprise. Will be placing another order real soon. Very pleased

  35. NL2022

    NL2022 (verified owner)

    You can never go wrong with this one, never disappoints.

  36. jp.prudhomme

    Jp Prud’Homme (verified owner)

    A M A ZING like always. I luv the sweet taste. Mellow for the throat and great afternoon uplifting buzz.

  37. Obie316

    Obie316 (verified owner)

    Smells awesome tastes good. Beautiful ash

  38. jeannelle.lee

    Val T (verified owner)

    a reliable sativa, at a great price. love the high, and can’t wait to buy again

  39. bradfines1973

    bradfines1973 (verified owner)

    Quick and problem free ordering and shipping. Very glad I selected this strain, always a fan of lemon based strains.

  40. dgf0452

    dgf0452 (verified owner)

    this Lemon sour diesel is about as good as you can get. the green ace provides great service and always the best in Cannabis products. They haven’t let me down yet.

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