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Black Diamond – Indica Dominant Hybrid – AAA+

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Black Diamond is a Cali native strain really good for users who need medication but still want to remain social and active. Created by the crossing of Blackberry and Diamond OG, the flowers have trichomes covering and a purple color that makes a beautiful flower to look at. Black diamond gives off an earthy but yet musky smell, almost like deep red wine. Black diamonds is known for its giggly effects and it’s a great strain to just chill out at home with your friends. Here’s the thing, Black diamond is known to make users very hungry so just make sure you have some snacks on hand before you decide to light one up! But that’s not a bad thing, right? Just order a pizza and chill out with your buds!

Name: Black Diamond
Grade: AAA+
Category: Flower / Hybrid
Type: 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
THC Content: 18% – 27% THC
CBD Content: 1% CBD
Flavors: Berry, Grape, Herbal, Pine, Sweet, Woody
Aromas: Earthy, Grape, Pungent, Sweet
What to expect: Euphoria, Giggly, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing
Recommended use: Afternoon
Known to help with: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Mood Swings

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Black Diamond is a great all-around strain, for example, if you have no appetite, smoke some Black Diamond, feeling stressed? Smoke some Black Diamond. My point is this strain is very beneficial, users experience lots of creativity as well as stress relief of course. Crossing Blackberry with Diamond OG will result in the creation of this beautiful bud with high THC percentages coming in at around 24%. The high Black diamond offers a great, very sedative while keeping you mentally aware. A necessity if you are looking for focus and smooth conversations.

Upon receiving Black Diamonds, you can expect to see thin, long buds with lots of trichomes and just the right amount of orange hairs. Mostly an earthy strong musky aroma, you can almost smell some vintage red wine in there as well. It has a really strong flavor as well and will leave that dank Indica flavor at the back of your throat. Black Diamond is such a beneficial strain with an immense amount of healing properties while also giving users a happy euphoric feeling. It will certainly help those of you looking to be less shy and promote conversations a little bit more. Not only that, you can count on Black Diamond to help you get that paper done that’s due at midnight!

Known for treating conditions such as insomnia, nausea, arthritis, anxiety, and muscle spasms, there are also some downsides to Black Diamond, like cottonmouth and the munchies. That’s not so bad, right? Just keep some water and food by your side!

Reviews (23)

23 reviews for Black Diamond – Indica Dominant Hybrid – AAA+

  1. kmatheson

    Keagan Matheson (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains and this stuff is fire !

  2. karl.boehm

    Karl Boehm (verified owner)

    Strong and sleepy indica with good couch lock and pain relief

  3. amberrosemercy0001

    amberrosemercy0001 (verified owner)

    I’ve always been a fan of black diamond!! I find it’s a great indica with a great high. The buds looked beautiful. Nice thick big buds. Great smell. I actually got in the mix & match deal & it didn’t disappoint. Loved it will order again.

  4. Misterbee101

    Laura jesso

    best weed out there amazing!

  5. angela.doggett

    Angela Doggett (verified owner)

    This is amazing on all levels. Nice big buds. Will order again

  6. barry.smith

    Barry Smith (verified owner)

    Awesome, clean burning and potent with that quality taste.

  7. tbestrish

    tbestrish (verified owner)

    Amazing smoke. Great flavor burns nicely. Great high. Will definitely get again!

  8. oldcoot

    oldcoot (verified owner)

    glad i listened to the review. two days in and loving this strain! mellow to heavy sleepy side is well-balanced with a great focus. love it all day, smells and looks great. very meaty when all ground up and looks all rich and dark in the grinder. love it. i’m ferdinand the bull on this one!

  9. VizeXozal


    On my second Oz of this strain so far, by far one of my favorite strains. Taste amazing and busts up really nice

  10. logan.malette

    Logan Malette (verified owner)

    Great fruity flavor. Nice chunky buds. Then the high . Very nice

  11. Jeremy (verified owner)

    A bit disappointing IMO. Read all the good reviews and thought it was a sure thing. If you’re a fan of strong indicas then beware. This stuff has very little taste and is a bit mild. I found the bc kush and especially the bubba much better.

  12. adam.raposo

    Adam Raposo (verified owner)

    Great smoke!! Great bag appeal! Flavour all the way through the joint.

  13. dean.dunits

    Dean Dunits (verified owner)

    Seems good I just have gotten in mail and came sooner then was expected. I even received a gift of Doobie snacks along with it so can’t wait to try them as well. Thanks for everything Green Ace with definitely be ordering again..

  14. t0nystar

    t0nystar (verified owner)

    Great fruity smells, beautiful green nugs with purple and a frosty white pollen, great for evening with a bag of Skittles 🙂

  15. 420Gen

    420Gen (verified owner)

    Decent buds and great price. Would order again

  16. 187211

    187211 (verified owner)

    Nice looking buds, not a huge fan of the smell on this one. The taste is good and definitely the price. High was nice as well

  17. jean-francois.raymond

    Jean-François Raymond (verified owner)

    Super doux
    Bon goût mais sent fort
    Super relaxe
    Aide beaucoup pour mes douleurs

  18. Tyler Montgrand (verified owner)


    Very excellent and is a must buy. Hands down.

  19. Zack7

    Zack7 (verified owner)

    Wow I am amazed at the quality of the buds for the price, it surpasses many quads I purchased from various other MoM’s. I use this during the late afternoon to early evening then switch to a TGA quad for a final hard hit before going to bed as I suffer from severe chronic insomnia. Very good bang for the buck and you’d be hard pressed to find similar quality for the same price. Will be back for more.

  20. krystel.desnoyers hazlett

    Krystel Desnoyers Hazlett (verified owner)

    Definitly recomend black diamond ! It gets u couched locked and the buds are super hard compact! You get exactly whats in the picture if even better

    Krystel desnoyers hazlett


  21. LadyQ

    LadyQ (verified owner)

    This strain is fire just amazing smoke great taste was just overall good bud.

  22. JasonMartikkala

    JasonMartikkala (verified owner)

    Darkest nuggets I’ve seen and huge. Nice flavor. Definitely a repurchase

  23. chynaschaeffer

    Chyna Schaeffer (verified owner)

    Beautiful big nugs! Dense and sticky, it smells fantastic and hits harder than I expected. Will be buying again!

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