Get High in New Brunswick the Easy Way!

Don’t waste time — if you’re in Moncton, get right to drinking. Break out the green kush and shoot some pool or sing karaoke at the Esquire Tavern; dig into the local blueberry ale and homemade fries at the Pump House Brewery; or get a real taste of Moncton’s Irish roots at the Chris Rock Tavern, the oldest tavern in the city.

If you prefer the smoke and sunshine over the brew and shadows, try some sativa and spend a warm summer day in the wet at Magic Mountain. The water park sits in the northwest part of the city, a popular spot for toking a J and stumbling down Gravity Hill, an optical illusion where you feel like you’re walking uphill when you’re actually walking down. You don’t want to be straight for this one — stock up on your weed through our online service.

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