Cannabis strains can be named concerning the geographical location where they originated. Aside from the common indica, sativa, and hybrid classifications, cannabis can also be classified concerning their distinct smell and taste.

This article will try to outline Kush edibles, the information about them, and Kush’s edible products.

What is a “Kush” cannabis?

Kush is simply a cannabis strain that is derived from the Hindu Kush mountains; this is where it got its name. This mountain range spans the Afghan-Pakistan border and it is where the plant is naturally found.

Kushes will have the following phenotypic attributes such as having deep green colas with leaves having hints of purple, a wide aroma profile, a wide flavor profile, and a highly heavy and sedative feeling after or during consumption.

These attributes can vary from each Kush strain because of their genotypes which determines whether a trait is dominant, recessive, or heterozygous.

Kush strains are popular with breeders due to their favorable traits, thus more hybrid strains of Kush have emerged.  With this, breeders have isolated their desired traits and tried to amplify these in their hybrids.

What are popular “Kush” strains?

A Google search of Kush strains will often lead to a multitude of strains but we’ll try to highlight the most popular here.

OG Kush

This is the most popular of all the kush strains as it hits the sweet spot for most users on the indica-dominant hybrid scale.

This strain is usually sedating but it gives you a cerebral euphoria perfect to make you feel good while using it.

Bubba Kush

This strain is for stoners who want to be extremely stoned and sedated. Users report that it is as if they were cemented to the ground and weighed down on the couch while using this.

Bubba Kush can also stimulate your appetite, thus expect for cravings as long as you’re not asleep yet.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush simply got its name due to its purple color. It has a characteristic grape flavor and induces sleep.

Master Kush

Master Kush is regarded as a classic by weed users. This strain has direct attributes from the Hindu Kush.

Expect to experience happiness, sleepiness, and relaxation with this strain. This is the reason why it earns its title as the “master.”

Master Kush is touted to be a viable alternative to the Bubba Kush.

Kush Edibles

Kush edibles can have varying contents of THC and CBD depending on what strain you are using to make the said edible.

THC edible users consume this type of edible mostly for recreational purposes while CBD edibles are usually consumed for medicinal purposes. Either way, whatever purpose you are using it for, we can say that Kush edibles are extremely handy when you want some mental stimulation on the go.

Kushy Punch, a cannabis edible product website has several edibles on their shelves that use Kushes.

Here are some of the products on their store.

Sativa Gummy

Kushy Punch’s sativa gummies are bound to make your taste buds ooze with joy. Its refreshing strawberry flavor blended with earthy and potent full-spectrum oil makes it one of our bestsellers. This treat is a standout among other edibles out there.

Each sativa gummy contains 10 mg of THC with a total of 100 mg for each box of gummies. This can make you giggle all you want and can unleash your inner creativity.

Hybrid Gummy

This tropical punch flavored gummy pairs well with their famous full-spectrum oil delivering an invigorating high that can be felt throughout the whole body.

Each hybrid gummy contains 10 mg of THC plus 0.1 mg of CBD totaling to 100 mg of THC and 1 mg of CBD per box. With this, you get the sought after “entourage effect” while you’re on the go.

Private Reserve Gummy

This private reserve gummy has been dubbed as the “dab of the edibles” for a good reason. This gummy promises a super clean and pure taste that is coupled with a knockout punch within an hour of ingestion.

When a regular Kushy Punch edible simply can’t cut it, try Private Reserve. With a 95+% pure THC, it’s no wonder that this gummy is only reserved for the strong.

Recover THC/CBD Gummy

If you want on the low end of things, try considering our Recover THC/CBD gummy. With a black and blue raspberry taste, it could keep tension and stress at bay throughout the day.

This edible is popular for those seeking pain relief from any work-related distress and gives you a calming and relaxing feeling.

With a 6 mg THC and 3 mg CBD dose per serving, it’s no wonder why people seek this for therapeutic purposes.

Sugar-free Gummy

If you want to cut down on your sugar intake but still want to enjoy the sumptuous sweet lychee flavor of some sweets, this sugar-free gummy is the right edible for you.

If you have diabetes or heart disease and want to enjoy cannabis, this treat is just for you.

Users often report that ingesting this gummy feels like high-performance fuel coursing through the engines of a 67′ mustang.

Kushy CBD

If you are avoiding THC for some reason and only want to reap the therapeutic benefits of CBD with a hint of peach, then Kushy CBD is the best thing that could happen to you.

While other products contain small amounts of THC, this is 100% pure CBD. We take pride that we sweeten this product, not with high fructose corn syrup but tapioca syrup – a healthier alternative.


Kush strains have had a rich and colorful genesis story, to say the least, but what’s more fascinating is how edibles have become so customized as so delicious these past few years.

Edibles can offer you the same high as traditional joints for a longer duration and can be extremely portable and handy when needed. This, coupled with the ease of dosing and administration makes it one of the best ways of consuming cannabis.

While there are many edibles in the market today, it’s best to research pertinent information about Kush edibles. Doing so minimizes the risk of unwanted effects and makes sure that you’re getting what you wanted in the first place.