If you’re an avid smoker, you’ve probably experienced the pain of buying bud and hiding it in someplace safe, only to completely forget where you stashed it. When you find it under a clutter of junk in your car, it’s a month old and its freshness is gone. Or, maybe you bought some bud you were looking forward to smoking up but had to hold off due to an unexpected drug test. Now, you’re left with a stale, funky tasting nugget.

Life happens. Sometimes we’re not always able to enjoy weed at its freshest. We get busy or take a smoking break, and bud loses its potency before we can enjoy it.

It’s easy to think like a rookie and expect that there’s nothing you can do about weed losing its freshness. That’s why here at The Green Ace, we’ve got you covered with the best ways to preserve your bud for as long as possible.

Gone are the days where you sacrificed potency just because you couldn’t smoke right away. With these tips, it’s possible to keep your bud fresh for up to two years.

Take up these 5 tips:

1. Buy from the Best

You might not like to hear it, but the smoke shop you’re hitting up down the street might not have the freshest weed.

Curing is the process that dictates not only the flavor and effect a weed will give but also how long it lasts. It’s possible to bring home bud that looks and smells good but ultimately doesn’t last as long as it should.

The best solution is to buy from a distributor you trust. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. A great shop will guide you through some quality strains crafted for potency and freshness. With a reliable shop, it’s easy to access weed that’s designed by growers to last longer than a week.

2. Know the Light

Aside from the condition you buy your weed in, the elements you expose the weed to will determine its longevity. The biggest factor of a weed’s freshness is light.

Think about how hot UV rays affect a coat of paint. The heat affects marijuana in the same way. If you leave it in harsh sunlight, it’s going to fade in freshness fast.

Know the light of the room you’re in and keep your bud cool. Store in dark environments like a closet. Be mindful of the temperature in the room as well. High temperatures will dry out the bud, causing terpenes to evaporate. This is a sure way to eliminate flavor and make your weed taste bland.

3. Vacuum Seal

Don’t think you can put your weed in anything and that its freshness will stick around. The container makes a huge difference. It’s common sense to keep your weed contained. But the container you choose might leave your weed more vulnerable to oxygen than you realise.

Plastic jars will increase sweating. Glass jars are a better solution, but it’s always best to vacuum seal. Sealing weed cuts down on oxygen levels from affecting the plant.

4. Store the Weed Separately

It might be tempting to keep your weed stored with a lighter, grinder, papers, or bowl. But if you want to keep the weed as fresh as possible, you’re better off storing these items separately. These other items prevent your weed from staying fresh because the whole setup won’t have that vacuum-sealed, oxygen protected quality. 

If you’re bringing some bud over to a friend’s house, keep your possessions in separate compartments. The smell on your paraphernalia can affect the unique flavor of your bud.

5. Keep It Dry

This is the most difficult tip to practice. You want your weed to stay dry, but not too dry – otherwise, its terpenes will evaporate and leave you with flavorless, harsh bud.

You want to keep your weed in an environment that won’t dry it out but will keep it dry enough to prevent excess moisture from creating mold build-up. What could be worse than getting ready for a smoke, only to realise there’s some white mold on your new bud?

The best way to keep humidity levels in check is with a humidity control packet. Boveda is the best – you’ll be able to measure relative humidity (which should be between 59-63 RH) and keep your weed’s dry levels in check.