2018 was momentous for Canadians because of the legalisation of recreational marijuana. Until October of last year, Uruguay was the only other country where recreational use was allowed. The cannabis industry is expected to rack up nearly $7 billion in market worth by 2020.

Most of the people who are using cannabis are those who were using it prior to its legalisation. A lot of these people used to get their supply from underground sources. This is expected to change now that they can browse freely in brick-and-mortar stores.

According to Canada’s national cannabis survey, the percentage of people using cannabis is around 15%. Granted, this number isn’t that high, but it still accounts for millions of Canadians. The number is expected to jump since recreational legalisation is still in its early stages. So, who is buying cannabis in Canada, and what are they looking for as they shop?

How Many People Have Tried Cannabis in Canada?

If we’re talking statistics, 42.5% of Canadians have used marijuana before, and this number is largely referring to people aged 15-24.

Canada is full of people who are avid supporters of marijuana. Although the number of people who use cannabis regularly isn’t quite as high as the number of people who have tried it, there’s no doubt that the number will increase.

People are constantly altering their belief systems and realizing how much marijuana can benefit people. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting so long as consumers are safe during the process. The statistics reflect that.

Many of the statistics about cannabis use in Canada only establish a baseline understanding of how many people are using marijuana products. It’s safe to assume that the number is significantly higher and will continue to rise as people’s attitudes about marijuana change.

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What’s Factors Are Most Important About Cannabis to Canadians?

  • Quality

Obviously, consumers only want top-notch products, so it’s no stretch to say that quality is a top priority, according to the same survey. Cannabis users are looking for specific ingredient mixes and varying degrees of potency among other things.

That’s why it’s important for dispensaries to have a diverse selection of products & be easy to use. If someone goes into a shop, they’re going to want options. Having a well-stocked dispensary is key for increasing sales.

People aren’t going to settle for sub-par anything, let alone cannabis. Consumers say that quality is a deal-breaker for them, and they will not source cannabis from just anywhere. If the number of people using cannabis is to increase as it is expected to, there must be complete transparency in the market.

  • Safety

With Canada’s illegal market booming, people are trying to take extra precautions when shopping for cannabis products. Consumers are smart, so another reason the number of people who use cannabis isn’t that high is simply that people want to be safe – some only wake and bake.

If you’re a regular user or just curious about the potential benefits of marijuana, do your own research before you shop. Most dispensaries distributing legal products prioritise your safety by selling high-quality products that are packaged safely.

Explore each dispensary’s policies and procedures. This way, you can minimise any confusion about where your products came from and how it arrived to you.

  • Price

Nobody likes to over-pay. Price ranked as one of marijuana users’ top priorities, meaning that sellers need to start getting competitive. Nationwide, the average price is about $9.70 a gram. Cannabis and all its sub-products can get expensive, and not all consumers are willing to pay high prices.

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