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If you are looking for cannabis edibles and are stumped on what to get or to buy, do not fret since you are not alone in this situation. But, before we begin in looking into what to get, let us first check what exactly is a cannabis edible.

What is a Cannabis Edible?

It is a food product that is made with cannabinoids (chemicals from cannabis), which mostly contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on it. A cannabis edible is also known as a cannabis-infused food or simply an edible, as what most users of this kind of product call it. However, even though the term edible is a general term for food or drink, cannabis-infused drinks are mostly referred to as liquid edibles, or simply drinkables, to separate itself from the food type.

Differences Between Cannabis Edibles vs. Smoking Cannabis

Smoking cannabis is a different form of taking in cannabis. Instead of an edible food product that is infused with cannabis, it is done via inhaling smoke or vapors released from heated flowers, leaves or extracts of cannabis, which is then absorbed by the user’s bloodstream via the lungs.

Pipe-like instruments like hand pipes (bowls), water pipes (bongs), cigarettes (joints) or blunts are used for smoking cannabis.

Cannabis Strains – Are They Related to Edibles?

Cannabis sativa, indica and ruderalis — the three known varieties of cannabis strains, either being pure or hybrid. Most first-time cannabis users are confused with these terms, thinking of it as a kind of edible that can be purchased. In reality, they are the plant forms of cannabis, that can be then processed into several types of cannabis edibles that most consumers can purchase.

Types of Cannabis Edibles

As for the types of edibles you can purchase, there are currently four (4) types in the market. Below are the said types and a summary of each type:

  1. Baked Goods – these are the most common types of edibles. It includes gummies, candies, chocolates and “space cakes”, which makes them almost indistinguishable with regular baked goods. A mild green tinge and a faint smell of cannabis are things to check if the baked goods are infused with cannabis or not.
  2. Drinks – these are liquid types of edibles, commonly known as drinkables. Some known examples of these are lassi and thandai.
  3. Capsules – similar to regular pharmaceutical products in design, which provides the same effect as baked goods or drinkables.
  4. Ingredients – raw cannabis materials that can be used to make other types of edibles. Commonly known ingredients are tinctures, oils and butter.

Baked Goods Edibles

Speaking of edibles, the baked goods are the most commonly used and purchased by most customers. Here are some baked good cannabis edibles that you can look out for:

  • Gummies – looking similar to regular gummy candy, it is one of the most discreet and smallest edibles that you can purchase. You can eat it discreetly, without getting weird looks from the general public.
  • Candies – these range from a simple lollipop to rainbow candy worms, fruit-flavoured candy rings, rainbow candy belts and any other type of candy forms you can find in the regular market.
  • Chocolates – ranging from chocolate bars, balls, bars to brownies and cakes. They also come in various flavours such as mocha and vanilla, and some unique flavours such as raspberry chocolate and even lemon chocolate flavour.

Try These Edibles!

If you want to try some of the baked goods edibles from the list above, The Green Ace has you covered in that regard. They have affordable cannabis edibles that you can purchase online, and be delivered to your doorstep discreetly. Below are some of their products that you can check out:

  1. Bliss Edibles Guava, Bliss Edibles Blue Raspberry & Bliss Edibles Pineapples ($22.00 each) – these block-shaped flavoured gummies are one of The Green Ace’s popular products. It comes with three flavours in a premium-looking circular tin can packaging, consisting of 10 cubes.
  2. Mystic Edibles Watermelon Sours 150MG THC ($18.00) – a uniquely-flavoured gummy edible, its sour flavour will surely wake you up, both physically and mentally. It comes in a ziplock bag, with six (6) pieces of gummy candies inside.
  3. Doobie Snacks Hard Candy 180MG THC ($9.50) – one of the cheapest edibles in The Green Ace’s product list, do not be fooled by its simple appearance. It’s an affordable candy that you can chew on while relaxing in your room or in a quiet area.
  4. Kush Kitchen Hard Candy 150MG THC ($10.00) – this candy comes into two flavours: Grape and Blue Raspberry. It comes in a ziplock bag with 10 pieces, that you can easily store in a drawer or cabinet.
  5. Mary’s Dark Chocolate 300MG THC – a dark chocolate-flavoured chocolate bar (no pun intended) that you can nibble on after eating your meal, or if you are just craving for both cannabis and chocolate at the same time.
  6. Astro Space Bar The Milky Way 300MG – a chocolate bar flavoured as “The Milky Way” (actually vanilla), it is one of the uniquely named products on our list. Simply its name alone is very catchy.

Overall Conclusion

People who are in need of cannabis-related products can now order them online without being discriminated against by the public eye. Online retailers such as The Green Ace provide customers an easy way to order those without the need of leaving the safety of their homes, with a huge selection of edible products, ranging from foods, drinks and capsules.

Additionally, they provide discreet shipping to your home address via Canada Post. All orders above $149 have free shipping.

Lastly, they offer rewards for their loyal customers and new customers alike, whether it is about new customer referrals, sign-up bonuses, leaving a product review, commenting on their blog, and even just simply logging in.

They have a 24/7 customer service that buyers can use to contact their customer service team. Customers can also leave a message if their concern needs more detail than usual that cannot be addressed via chat service. Enjoy ordering your cannabis edibles!


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