This article will teach you how to buy kush weed online. Let’s get started with what is kush strain and its features.

One strain of cannabis is kush. It is known for recreational use and also for medicinal use. In Canada, it is safe to buy Kush weed online.

There are a lot of strains of cannabis that are widely open for sale in the market. Cannabis, which others call weed, is a legal product in Canada that helps most consumers for their medical needs, though it is also permitted to be used for recreational purposes.

Accredited growers mass-produce cannabis or weeds for the general public’s consumption. These weeds are sold in physical stores and the online market. One of the high-grade weeds used by a lot of users is called kush. 

Let us find out the components of kush and how it works on our bodies. Also, in this article, we will know more about its origin, about the various kush weed products, and the best online store that offers the best different high-quality products that suit you. So, let us find out!

What is Kush?

Kush is a specific strain of cannabis. It is a high kind of cannabis strain. The term kush is used as one of the street names of cannabis. This sweet, earthy, aromatic smelling variety of weed is a high strand that looks shorter, vibrant, compact, and bent.


Kush cannabis or kush weed contains high levels of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the primary functioning substance in cannabis. This substance affects the brain’s function, resulting to the change in awareness and alteration of the brain’s activity in a good way with the right amount. It incredibly relaxes the body by stimulating the mind. It is a great painkiller as well.

Some kush varieties may make you feel euphoric and focused. Other types may make you drowsy. These are just some of its effects. However, these effects are based on the studies made by scientists and the experiences of the other users. The result may vary from person to person, depending on the use and the amount of intake.


There are several varieties of this plant that has been grown and harvested for consumption. Many growers cross-bred the strain to make a better harvest. But variations of this plant include and are not limited to Hindu Kush, OG Kush, Purple Kush, Bubba Kush, and Master Kush.


The term “Kush” has originated from the Hindu-Kush mountain ranges. It is in the disputed boundaries of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

How did kush strains reach other countries like Canada?

During the 1960s and 1970s, there was a “Hippie Trail.” A group of travelers who trailed on the disputed boundaries of Hindu-Kush mountains returned to the United States, Canada, and Europe with the seeds of the Kush Strains. They started growing their plants. Unfortunately, some years after the successful travels, the production and use of cannabis or weeds, including the different strains of Kush, were pronounced illegal.

But as of today, production and consumption of kush weeds are legalized in Canada.


In October 2018, Canada passed the  Cannabis Act, stating that producing, distributing, selling, and possessing cannabis is part of the legal framework to control the use of weed. And as kush is a strain of cannabis or weed, it is also legal to buy kush weed products.

Buy Kush weed online. It is safe!

With the law that allows producers and merchants to sell cannabis or weeds, including Kush strains to the general public, it is very safe to obtain products online.

There might be physical stores that sell weeds, but ordering products online can be extremely convenient. Also, aside from it is easy, there is more to choose from in the online world.

But in buying online kush weeds, you must go and get products from the most trusted online stores. 

The best and most trusted Canadian company that provides legal and high-quality products is theTheGreenAce.

The Green Ace

The Green Ace, also known as TGA, is a well-known online store that sells the best products.

TGA is a company that is committed to giving quality items to its consumers. We help consumers to choose from the vast and varied Cannabis products, which include Kush weeds. 

We offer the most affordable products that can be used for both recreational and medicinal use. The TGA believes that everyone in legal age as stated in the law is entitled to buy and use our products.

With easy access to the internet using mobile phones, by visiting the TheGreenAce page and registering, you can have your products discreetly sent to your door. 

That is how the TGA works; we are committed to bring quality products and quality services to our consumers.

What does TGA offer?

As the company has a wide range of cannabis strains, they have every product that fits your needs. Kush weeds are just on the list. Want to know some of our products? Here are some of our kush products.

Kush kitchen chocolate bars

We have crunchy toffee choco-bars and sweet- bit salty chocolate almond bars. You can choose the THC content of each kind. We sell 200MG THC to 400MG THC content per bar.

Kush Kitchen Cookies and Cream- 400MG THC

This was made for cookies and cream lovers. It has a classic flavor that is infused with white chocolate to give you real happiness.

Giant Gummy Bear by Kush Kitchen -250MG

This is chewy and extremely delicious gummy. You can get blueberry, grape, and strawberry flavors.

Hindi Kush – Indica – AAA

This product is used to relax muscles and alter the brain’s function by making you feel euphoric. Just smoke on this, and you will get a good high.

Gum Pop by Kush Kitchen -180MG

It contains 150MG THC. Each gum pop is sure to delight your taste buds.

Birthday Cake Chocolate Bar By Kush Kitchen – 1000MG

This infused delicious bar is a delighting Birthday Cake bar that contains pure THC distillate. Break the bar up to 15 pieces and enjoy the sweets with others.

Buying Kush weeds online is legal and safe. Kush weed products are for recreational use and medicinal use. There is nothing wrong with getting this kind of product and using it. Just be sure that you got the right place to buy. There is no other than The Green Ace that can satisfy your needs and can suit your budget.