No matter how important their unique cannabinoid profiles are, marijuana users still prefer to identify different marijuana strains by their species – whether they are sativa, indica or a balanced hybrid of the two. Various online weed dispensaries in Canada also label and promote their products as indica-dominant, sativa-dominant or balanced hybrid strains. Marijuana users will tell you that the sativas will give you a stronger, more cerebral high than the indica varieties. There is very little possibility of getting a couchlocking body high from the sativa strains. Known for producing bursts of creative energy, sativa strains are highly recommended for daytime use.

In this post, we bring to you some of the best sativa dominant strains available online. Use any of these sativa-heavy weed to get an extremely uplifting high and sparkling creativity.

What are sativa dominant strains?

Cannabis sativa is a native of hot and dry climates. The best sativa dominant strains in the market trace their origins to the landraces found in Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia and western parts of Asia. Sativa plants look very different from the indica ones. They are tall and thin and have narrow, finger-like leaves compared to bushy, short and stocky indica plants. The sativa plants usually take more time to flower than indica. Sativa buds typically smell sweet, fruity and spicy, while the indica flowers usually have more earthy, skunky and musty scents. Different terpene profiles of the two species make them smell differently. Not only the terpenes, sativa and indica plants also have different cannabinoid contents. Usually, the best sativa dominant strains have more THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) than CBD (cannabidiol), which makes them highly psychoactive.

What are the typical sativa effects?

Best sativa dominant strains have very different effects from the indica dominant marijuana. They are usually known for producing a highly invigorating and euphoric ‘head high’. Unlike indica dominant strains, sativa strains will not give you a sedating body high and make you lethargic. Because of their energizing nature, sativa dominant strains are perfect for daytime use. Marijuana users have noted that the best sativa dominant strains can have the following psychotropic effects on the user:

  • They help to uplift the mood by increasing serotonin secretion in the brain.
  • Produce high levels of creative energy and increase focus or alertness.
  • Reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Enhance the mental state in general.

Best sativa dominant strains for you – one of the most trusted online weed dispensaries of Canada has brought to you some of the best sativa dominant weed in the market. Straight from the farms and manufactories of the top-rated cannabis growers, they are truly premium quality products that will give you the best sativa highs. Here are the sativa dominant strains from the inventory of The Green Ace:

This premium quality sativa-heavy strain (60% sativa and 40% indica) is a crossbreed between Black Domino and Raspberry Cough. The Blackberry Cookies dried flowers from Gas Demon are AAAA-rated which means that the best quality of the product is totally guaranteed. They have an extremely high THC content – 18-25%, and very low CBD content (less than 1%). These thick, pistil-packed flowers have a rich earthy and berry-like fruity aroma. When vaped, it can taste like candies. The strain will give you an extremely exhilarating, euphoric and creative high, which makes it ideal for artists and creative persons. The users have recorded a heavy kick-back experience with a calming body effect. Blackberry Cookies is very effective in relieving muscle spasms, various types of pains and anxiety or stress.

Lamb’s Breath or Lamb’s Bread is a highly potent sativa-heavy strain (70% sativa; 30% indica) which is said to have originated from Jamaican landraces. If you believe the cannabis lores, this strain was much loved by none other than Bob Marley himself! The thick, dark green buds smell sweet, spicy and danky with clear hints of lime notes. The high THC level (16-21%) of the strain ensures that you get an extremely euphoric psychotropic high. Lamb’s Breath will give you increased focus and positive energy, making it very effective in combating stress and depression. The calming body buzz produced by the strain relieves pain, migraines and eye pressure.

This sativa-dominant strain is a hybrid of Sour Diesel and Candyland. The flowers have a high THC content – ranging from 24% to 31%. The CBD content is usually 1-2%. They emit a pungent and sour aroma which is a combination of diesel, pine, lemon and earthy notes. These AAAA-rated dried flowers are very effective in combating chronic pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress and mood swings.

These delicious gummies from the famous Auro Extracts edibles company are made from some of the best sativa-dominant strains. These are some of the best THC fruit bombs available in the market. Available in mango, peach and orange flavors, they come in 200mg packs with each piece of gummy containing 50mg of THC. Aura Bombs use only natural ingredients like turmeric for flavoring, hibiscus flowers for scents and for coloring bold annatto seeds and beet powder. 

For those who love smoking marijuana joints but want to avoid the hassle of rolling a joint, prerolls are pretty convenient. One of the best cannabis growers and cannabis-derivatives manufacturers of Canada, Gas Demon, brings some of the top-class prerolls, each containing buds of premium sativa-dominant strains like Deep Purple Punch, Pineapple Chunk or Tropicana Cookies. The Gas Demon sativa prerolls, which come at a cheap price of $11 each, use only AAA or AAAA-graded dried buds and not shakes like many other cheap prerolls available in the market.  

It is very easy to choose and order your favorite sativa dominant strains from They come in absolutely favorable prices and delivered in secured and discreet packages. Order any of these products and you’ll get some of the best sativa highs of your life.