With the recent legalizations of medical marijuana in many places including Canada, you may have noticed that there are a number of online dispensaries appearing. People are naturally suspicious of such sites. How can they trust the product they are getting? What’s the difference between brick-and-mortar dispensaries and digital ones? Are the health and safety standards different for online shops?

These are just a few questions people have about virtual medical marijuana dispensaries. The truth is that buying your weed from online sources might be the smartest move you can make. Here are four reasons that you should order your medical marijuana from an online Canadian dispensary.

1. Protect Your Privacy

While you have a prescription for your drug, you may still feel uncomfortable walking into a dispensary. When you buy cannabis online, you do not have to worry about being seen. Many digital dispensaries ensure their products are shipped in nondescript packaging, so not even your mailman will know what contents are being delivered to your door.

Verified online dispensaries go even further to protect their customers’ identities. The sites are often secure and encrypted to protect your information from getting into the wrong hands. They also take extra steps to ensure that you know your rights by providing detailed agreements to the patients who purchase from them. 

2. More Variety in Product

Not all cannabis products or stands will work the same for you, and the selection of products at traditional dispensaries is often limited. If you are looking to find a broader range of medical marijuana products, look online.

If you’re completely new to the medical marijuana scene, you will find that your prescribed drug comes in all different shapes, forms, and styles online. If you prefer to smoke or vape, you can find a greater selection of strains and potencies with a virtual dispensary. You can also find topical waxes, sprays, foods, and drinks. The more selection you have, the easier it will be to find something that works for you.

3. Easier to Research the Company

When it comes to brick-and-mortar establishments, it can be difficult to find reviews and information about the company online. When the store is internet-based, the process of researching before you buy becomes much easier. Looking to see if a company has a clear privacy policy and the correct licensing makes it easier to build trust.

Reading the reviews and testimonials of other customers also can give you an idea of what to expect from a dispensary. You can find information on how fast their shipping is, how they respond to customer complaints, and how they cultivate their product. Researching the company helps prepare you and makes you feel confident in the purchases you’re making.

4. Stay in the Comfort of Your Home

While medical marijuana has become legal, you can’t easily find traditional dispensaries. They likely won’t be in the same plaza as your grocery store or located anywhere convenient. No one wants to travel far for medication they need, and they shouldn’t have to.

While this is just an annoyance for some, it can be a real hassle for those who have serious conditions and have trouble leaving their home. Buying your cannabis online allows you to get the medicine you need without having to take a foot out the door.


The truth is buying medical marijuana online shouldn’t be that different from traveling to a store. Do you have questions about buying cannabis online? The majority of virtual cannabis sources strive to replicate the in-store shopping experience. They provide educational information about their products, have the prices listed, and will answer any questions you may have. Both methods ensure that people are getting what they need. The major difference is that online dispensaries are about making the experience easier and to cater the experience to the patient’s wants.