By now, we all are pretty well aware of the wondrous health and therapeutic benefits of magic mushrooms. 

Recently, a notable shift has occurred in how Canadians approach their health and well-being. For instance, more people are consuming magic mushrooms than ever, thanks to the increased awareness of their health benefits. 

Also, several recent studies have suggested that psychedelic substances can help treat anxiety, depression, and similar mental health conditions.

People don’t want just to numb their pain with a pill but to find the root of their issues and heal them. These shifts in perspective are what heal people and transform their lives for the better. 

Due to the large number of counterfeit products and untrustworthy companies in the market, purchasing magic mushrooms online can be risky. Not only can it be a financial scam, but it can also be dangerous to one’s health if consumed. Thus, the question arises, “Where can I buy shrooms online?”.

With so many vendors available, it’s important to be cautious to avoid scams. To help keep yourself safe, look for reputable sellers and be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. 

Trust only the best.

Although many scammy companies exist, the best and most trusted one remains The Green Ace. Known for our commitment to quality and safety, our products are crafted using seasoned herbal and psychedelic experts.

What sets us apart from competitors is:

  • We use only Premium Ingredients and high-quality mushrooms
  • Available in different flavors 
  • We always Have something new to discover.

Our Best Seller: Magical Mushroom Products

  • Psilocybe Cubensis Brain Boosting Cocoa Mix 

It is a delicious mix of cocoa with a hint of joy, featuring the key ingredient of Psilocybin Mushrooms. 

Psilocybin is going to be the next big thing in the medical world. Psilocybin, the active ingredient found in “magic” mushrooms, or “shrooms,” is a powerful psychedelic.


  1. Treats depression
  2. Manages alcohol & nicotine addiction
  3. Reduces psychological distress related to cancer

Direction to use: 

  1. Shake mixture well
  2. Stir it on 8-oz cup of hot water
  3. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes

Note: The effects begin 10-45 minutes after ingestion and last for about 3-6 hours.

  • Psilocybe Creme Earl Grey Tea 3000MG 

Make your tea time a joyride with Creme Earl Grey tea. Experience the rich blend of Earl Grey tea with delicate cornflower petals infused with natural flavors and Psilocybe Mushrooms, including the renowned Blue Meanie strain. This unique tea offers a delicious taste with hints of vanilla and cream. 

Enjoy a comforting Psilocybe-infused Earl Grey latte, perfect for relaxation or a cozy get-together with friends. Take your tea ritual to the next level with this captivating brew, crafted to provide exceptional taste and a one-of-a-kind.


  1. Increases creativity
  2. Gives mystical experiences
  3. Improves OCD

Direction to use: 

  1. Boil a cup of water
  2. Pour hot water atop the tea bag
  3. Steep for at last 10-15 minutes
  • Psilocybe Raspberry Black Tea 

If you’re buying magic mushrooms online, a must-try is Psilocybe Raspberry Tea. The bold flavor of real freeze-dried raspberries perfectly complements the richness of Sri Lankan black tea, making for a delectable beverage that can be enjoyed either piping hot or refreshingly cold. 

This tea gives a burst of raspberry and the hit of Psilocybe Mushrooms. The magic of Psilocybe mushrooms is known to potentially enhance mood, creativity, and introspection, which makes this drink more than just a flavorful treat. It becomes a moment of relaxation and exploration.


  1. Enhances mood
  2. Increases creativity
  3. Improves introspection

Direction to use:

  1. Boil a cup of water
  2. Pour hot water atop the tea bag
  3. Steep for at last 10-15 minutes
  • Fantasy Psychedelics – 3000mg Dark Chocolate

Get ready for a transformative journey of the mind and a unique combination of sugar rush and psychedelic experience with Fantasy Psychedelics dark chocolate.

Crafted with precision and care, each square of this chocolate bar promises an immersive psychedelic experience. Infused with a 3000mg dose of magic mushrooms, it offers a pathway into the depths of consciousness and perception.

This chocolate bar is so much more than just a sweet delight; it’s about igniting a sense of curiosity and adventure within. From introspection to enhanced creativity, the potential benefits of psilocybin await those willing to fall into this captivating journey of self-discovery.


  1. Gives a moment of relaxation
  2. Reduces migraine & cluster of headaches
  3. Ease withdrawal symptoms of other drug abuse

Choosing licensed and reputable retailers is crucial to buying magic mushrooms online in Canada. Among the many sellers, opting for licensed sources guarantees product quality, safety, and compliance with legal standards.

At Green Ace, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our online platform enables you to access affordable shrooms products. We have diverse top-tier items sourced from licensed providers, assuring peace of mind with every transaction. Stay informed, and make responsible choices. Discover our extensive selection today and immerse yourself in the finest offerings the industry has to offer.


In conclusion, the burgeoning interest in the health and therapeutic potential of magic mushrooms has prompted a shift in the Canadian wellness landscape, with more individuals turning to natural remedies like psilocybin for holistic healing and personal growth. 

Despite this, buying shrooms online remains a potential risk due to the gray-market nature of the trade. 

However, consumers can confidently navigate this landscape by exercising caution and selecting trusted vendors like The Green Ace, renowned for our dedication to quality and safety. 

Our diverse offerings, from brain-boosting cocoa mixes to indulgent teas and chocolates, provide a gateway to exploring the benefits of psilocybin responsibly and enjoyably. As interest in psychedelics continues to rise, prioritizing safety and informed decision-making is paramount to ensuring a positive and transformative journey for all.