So you want to learn what the different types of vapes there are available to you?

We’ll explain everything, but first it’s important to understand the whole point of vaping and how that will influence the type of vape that is best for you.

Vaping is among the most convenient and popular methods of consuming cannabis, but did you know there are different types of vape devices? Each one offers a unique experience and has its own set of benefits.  Over the years, vapes have become quite popular and advanced, offering users a variety of options to enhance their experience. With the many benefits that vaping offers, there is a high likelihood that this method of consuming cannabis will continue to grow and evolve in the future.

What Are Vapes And Where Did They Originate?

Vapes are devices that use heat to vaporize cannabis flowers or concentrates, making it easy and efficient for users to inhale the active compounds. The first patent for a vaporizer was filed in 1927 by Joseph Robinson, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that vapes started becoming more widely used and available on the market.

Types of Cannabis Vapes

There are many different types of cannabis vapes and each offers a unique experience, benefits, and disadvantages. Here are 10 of the most common options:

1. Disposable vapes

These single-use devices contain pre-filled cartridges of cannabis oil and come in a variety of strains and flavors. They are convenient for those looking for an easy, on-the-go option without any maintenance or charging needs.

2. Refillable oil vape pens

These vapes come with a rechargeable battery and a refillable chamber to hold your cannabis oil. They offer more control over the type of oil used and provide an economical option for those looking to vape regularly.

3. Dry herb vaporizers

These devices are used for ground cannabis flowers rather than oil and provide a more flavorful, aromatic experience. They often come with temperature control options for the perfect hit each time.

4. Wax pens

Also known as dab pens, these vapes are used for marijuana concentrates such as wax or shatter. They offer a strong, potent hit but require more maintenance than other types of vapes as they need to be cleaned regularly.

5. Multi-use vaporizers

As the name suggests, these vapes can be used for a variety of substances including dry herbs, concentrates, and oils. They offer convenience for those who prefer to switch it up or want to save money by using one device for all their vaping needs.

6. Desktop vaporizers

These large, plug-in devices are generally for at-home use and often come with a variety of features such as temperature control and interchangeable cartridges. They offer a more customizable experience, but may not be as portable as other options.

7. CBD vape pens

CBD vapes work the same way as vapes but contain only the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD. They offer all the convenience and discretion of a regular vape pen, with the added potential health benefits of CBD.

8. THC cartridges

These single-use disposable vapes come pre-filled with THC oil and can be easily attached to a rechargeable battery for vaping on the go. They offer a convenient and discreet option for consuming THC.

9. Pod vapes

These vapes use pre-filled pods of THC or CBD oil instead of the traditional refillable chamber. They are often small and discreet, making them a popular choice for those looking for convenience while vaping on the go.

10. E-cigarettes

While not specifically designed for cannabis, many e-cigarettes can be used with cannabis oils and concentrates. They offer a more subtle option for those looking to consume discreetly in public.

With so many options available, there is sure to be a vape that fits your needs and preferences. From the convenience of disposable vapes to the customization of dry herb vaporizers, there is a wide range of choices for every type of cannabis consumer. Happy vaping!

Which Type of Vape is Good For You?

There are several vape types, and the one that you choose should take into consideration the following 10 factors.

1. Your personal preferences

Depending on what you want, some vapes may work better for you than others. Do you prioritize convenience or customization? Are you looking for a strong hit, or do you prefer flavor over potency?

2. Your cannabis consumption habits

Are you a frequent cannabis consumer or a casual user? If you consume regularly, investing in a higher-quality vape with more features might be worth it in the long run.


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3. The type of cannabis products you consume

Do you prefer to vape dry herbs, oils, or concentrates? Make sure to choose a vape that is compatible with your preferred substance.

4. Portability

Do you want something compact and discreet for on-the-go use, or do you have an at-home setup?

5. Maintenance

Are you willing to clean and care for your vape regularly, or do you prefer something low-maintenance? Wax pens require more upkeep, while disposable vapes can simply be thrown away after use.

6. Price

Consider how much you are willing to spend on a vape. Higher quality devices often come with a higher price tag, but may also last longer and offer more features.

7. Discretion

Are you looking for something subtle to use in public, or do you plan to consume primarily at home? E-cigarettes and smaller pod vapes tend to be more discreet.

8. Health

Are there any health concerns or allergies that may affect your choice of vaping? Some devices, like CBD vapes, offer potential health benefits.

9. Battery life

If you plan to vape frequently and on the go, longer battery life may be more important to you. Consider how easy it is to charge and replace the battery, as well.

10. Temperature control

Do you need precise temperature control for your preferred vaping experience? Desktop vaporizers and some higher-end portable vapes offer this feature, while disposable vapes do not.

Ultimately, the best type of vape for you will be the one that meets your individual needs and preferences. Consider what is most important to you, and do some research to find the vape that fits those criteria.

The Benefits of Vaping, As Opposed to Other Methods of Cannabis Consumption

Vaping has become a game changer for cannabis consumers because of these 10 reasons.

1. Less harsh for the longs

Vaping cannabis is much less harsh on the lungs than smoking it in a joint, pipe, or bong.  This is because vaping heats the cannabis just enough to release the active cannabinoids and terpenes as vapor, instead of combusting plant material which can irritate the lungs.

2. More flavorful

Because vaping only heats cannabis to a certain temperature, the flavors and aromas of the strain are much more pronounced.  This allows for a more enjoyable and refined taste experience.

3. Discreet

Vape pens are small, portable, and emit little to no odor, making them great for discreet consumption in public settings.

4. More efficient

Vaping cannabis allows for better efficiency as it fully utilizes the cannabinoids and terpenes of the plant.  This results in stronger effects and fewer products being used compared to smoking.

5. Healthier alternative

Vaping has been found to be a healthier alternative to smoking, as it eliminates the harmful toxins and carcinogens produced from combustion.

6. Temperature control

Some vaping devices offer the option to control and customize the temperature at which cannabis is heated, allowing for a more personalized experience.

7. Easy dose control

Vape cartridges often come in a variety of strengths, making it easy to control and monitor dosage. This is especially helpful for those new to using cannabis or seeking specific effects from their medication.

8. Convenient

Vape pens can be easily charged and carried, making them a convenient option for on-the-go consumption.  They also require minimal maintenance compared to other methods.

9. Cost effective

Because vaping is a more efficient use of cannabis, it ultimately saves money in the long run.

10. Variety of options

With the growing popularity of vaping, there are now a wide variety of devices and products available in the market. This allows consumers to easily find a vaping option that suits their needs and preferences.

Overall, vaping offers many benefits for cannabis consumption and has quickly become a preferred method for many users. However, it is important to carefully research and select a quality, reputable vaping device to ensure safety and the best experience possible.

Can You Buy Marijuana Vapes Online?

If you live in a province in Canada where weed is legal, you can buy marijuana vapes online from licensed retailers. You may also be able to purchase vape cartridges from a dispensary, depending on provincial regulations. It is important to make sure you are buying from a reputable source to ensure the product is safe and of high quality. 

In provinces where only medical marijuana is legal, patients with a valid prescription may be able to purchase vapes through a licensed producer. It is always best to check with your healthcare practitioner and familiarize yourself with the laws in your province.

In places where cannabis is not yet legal, it is illegal to purchase marijuana vapes online or otherwise.

Ultimately, the legality of purchasing marijuana vapes will vary depending on the laws in your location. It is important to educate yourself on the regulations and only purchase from licensed, reputable sources.

Where Can You Buy Marijuana Online?

Whether you need marijuana vapes, marijuana gummies, or any other product, there are several reputable stockists online. Here are 5 of the best marijuana  online stores in Canada:

1. The Green Ace

The Green Ace is perhaps the most popular option for purchasing marijuana online in Canada. They offer a variety of products including flowers, edibles, concentrates, and vapes. This company offers free shipping for products that exceed a certain price range and delivers to your preferred shipping destination quickly and discreetly.


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2. OCS

The Ontario Cannabis Store is an officially licensed retailer in the province of Ontario. They offer a wide variety of marijuana products including flowers, edibles, concentrates, vapes, and accessories. Delivery times can vary depending on location, but they offer free shipping for orders over $150.

3. BC Cannabis Stores

BC Cannabis Stores is the provincial retailer for British Columbia. They offer a selection of cannabis flowers, edibles, topicals, vapes, and more. Orders over $200 qualify for free shipping, with delivery typically within 2-4 business days.


Alberta Cannabis is the official online retailer for the province of Alberta. They offer a range of products including flowers, edibles, concentrates, and vapes. Orders over $99 qualify for free shipping with delivery within 2-5 business days.

5. Saskatoon Cannabis

Saskatoon Cannabis is a licensed retailer in Saskatchewan that offers a variety of marijuana products including edibles, concentrates, and vapes. They offer free shipping for orders over $150 with delivery within 2-3 business days.

When purchasing marijuana products online, it is important to make sure you are buying from a licensed retailer in order to ensure safety and quality. It is also crucial to be aware of the laws and regulations in your province or territory.

Overall, there are many options for purchasing marijuana vapes and other cannabis products online in Canada. It is important to do your research and purchase from a licensed retailer to ensure safety and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about marijuana vapes:

1. What is a vape?

A vape is a device that heats up cannabis products to create an inhalable vapor.

2. How do vapes work?

Vapes heat up cannabis products using a battery-powered heating element. This releases the active compounds in the product, creating a vapor that can be inhaled.

3. Are vapes safe?

When purchased from a licensed retailer and used as directed, vapes can be a safe method of consuming cannabis. It is important to follow the usage instructions and not modify the device in any way.

4. Are marijuana vapes legal?

The legality of marijuana vapes will vary depending on the laws in your location. In places where cannabis is legal, vapes may be legally purchased from licensed retailers.

5. What are the benefits of using a vape?

Vaping can provide a more efficient and discreet method of consuming cannabis compared to smoking. It may also offer a smoother taste and faster onset of effects.

6. What types of cannabis products can be used in a vape?

Many vapes are designed for use with marijuana concentrates such as wax or oil. However, some vapes can also be used with dried flowers.

7. Is vaping the same as smoking?

Vaping and smoking both involve inhaling the active compounds in cannabis products. However, they differ in the way the product is heated and the potential health effects.

8. Can you reuse vape cartridges?

It is not recommended to reuse vape cartridges as this may impact the quality and safety of the product. It is best to dispose of them according to the manufacturer’s instructions and purchase a new cartridge.

9. How do you clean a vape?

Cleaning instructions will vary depending on the specific type of vape. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning to ensure proper functioning and safety.

10. Is vaping addictive?

Research on the potential for addiction to vaping cannabis is limited. However, cannabis itself can be addictive for some individuals. It is important to use any substance, including marijuana vapes, in moderation and be aware of the potential for addiction.

Overall, it is important to do your research and follow usage instructions when using marijuana vapes. Purchasing from a licensed retailer can also ensure safety and quality. As with any substance, it is important to use it in moderation and be aware of the potential for addiction.


Vaping is now one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana, offering a discreet and efficient method. However, it is important to do your research and purchase from a licensed retailer in order to ensure safety and quality. As with any substance, it is important to use it in moderation and be aware of the potential for addiction.  With the many options of marijuana vapes that are available,  everyone can find the right one to fit their needs.  It’s also advisable to get your vapes from respected sellers because they offer high-quality products and guarantee your safety when using them.  Happy vaping!