Everywhere we go, it seems like somebody is talking about Cannabis.
Some of the information we hear may be true, but the rest is all making assumptions. Since the recreational use of marijuana became legal in October 2018, Canada has witnessed significant growth in the number of its consumers. However, with this freedom comes a responsibility to understand and follow the laws controlling cannabis use.

Understanding Canada’s laws on weed is crucial for responsible usage and compliance. Here are the do’s and don’ts of weed consumption in Canada:

The Do’s

  1. Educate Yourself:

    In Canada, recreational use of cannabis became legal on October 17, 2018. Just like alcohol and tobacco, the laws defining the use of cannabis are highly regulated and differ from province and state.

    Educating yourself about these laws and regulations of your specific province or territory is important. Find out what kind of weed you can consume, what the legal age limit is, where you can buy and how much you can possess.

  2. Purchase from Licensed Retailers:

    Being cautious while purchasing is important because there are many sellers operating without licenses. Always choose licensed retailers to ensure your safety and legality.

    Licensed stores follow strict rules to guarantee the quality and safety of their products. Buying from licensed sources also helps support the legal cannabis industry and reduces the presence of illegal sellers.

  3. Places you can smoke

    In most public places, residences, and other smoking-designated areas, marijuana can be smoked, vaped, or otherwise inhaled in the same manner as tobacco.

    Some exceptions exist for 20 meters from children’s playgrounds, 9 meters from patios, smoking while driving, places where children are often present, or near health care institutes.

  4. Avoid using marijuana at a young age

    According to Canada’s laws on weed, you must avoid consuming marijuana before the age of 19, as it increases the likelihood of developing social, educational, and health problems.

    During adolescence, marijuana should be avoided since it influences years of development. In general, the later in life a person starts using cannabis, the lower their risks of problems will be.

  5. Store Cannabis Safely:

    It was reported that between the beginning of legalization and April 2020, 15 children under the age of 12 experienced adverse reactions from consuming -infused food or drinks.

    In 2020, Health Canada issued a warning following a series of incidents where children were hospitalized after ingesting cannabis edibles. Health Canada suggests storing edibles in inaccessible locations, such as locked cupboards or containers with childproof packaging, to prevent such occurrences.

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t Drive Under the Influence:

    Driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal and poses significant safety risks to yourself and others on the road. Although it is legal, impaired driving laws still apply. A person should wait at least 6 hours after consuming Marijuana.

  2. Don’t Cross International Borders with Cannabis:

    Despite legalization in Canada, it is illegal to travel across international borders with cannabis. This includes the USA, where it is federally illegal. Failing to follow these laws can cause severe legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment.

  3. Don’t Sell Marijuana Without a License:

    In Canada, selling weed without a proper license is a criminal offense. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling to your friends or strangers, doing so without authorization from regulatory authorities is illegal and can result in punishment by law. Only licensed retailers are authorized to sell cannabis products.

  4. Don’t Share with Minors:

    It is illegal to share cannabis with minors, and the legal age varies from province to territory. So, knowing the rules and regulations of your area is essential. Sharing marijuana with minors not only violates the law but also poses potential health risks and legal consequences. Also, always remember to keep these products out of reach of children and ensure responsible consumption among adults.

  5. Don’t Assume Cannabis Laws Are Uniform:

    Laws and regulations related to the use of cannabis can vary between different provinces and territories in Canada. Something that is allowed in one area might not be allowed in another area. To avoid getting into trouble, make sure you know laws for where you live.

Where Should You Buy From?

When it comes to purchasing cannabis in Canada, it’s essential to buy from trusted and licensed retailers. While various sellers may be in the market, opting for licensed sources ensures product quality, safety, and legality.

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Understanding the laws and regulations about cannabis consumption needs persistence and awareness. Educate yourself about Canada’s laws on weed, choose licensed retailers, and follow safety guidelines for responsible and legal consumption.

Staying up-to-date on Health Canada’s guidelines for safe handling of weed-related products, especially edibles, is crucial to reduce risks, particularly for vulnerable populations such as children. By following these guidelines and being cautious, you can enjoy mari while promoting safety and compliance within the legal framework.