CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Indica Dominant Hybrid – 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
EFFECTS: Relaxed, Social, Happy
MEDICAL USES: Depressed, A Loss of Appetite, Pain

DESCRIPTION: Citral Skunk is Indica-dominant hybrid stress of hashish first grown withinside the Netherlands. The hashish business enterprise, which first created this stress, Bulldog Seeds, is a logo created through the equal people liable for an espresso save empire withinside the Netherlands. As the call implies, this stress is a move of famous hashish strains: Citral and Skunk. Although the shortage of thought in the back of this call is astounding, the call itself remains pretty descriptive of the houses of this stress. Citral Skunk, consistent with the several evaluations to be had online, produces an aroma so effective it is able to handiest be defined as “dank.” This heavy aroma, similarly to its easy-to-develop nature and mighty results, has garnered this stress some of fanatics and pretty a following in locations in which it’s miles legal. The THC awareness in that vegetation is normally among 16-20%.
Unlike maximum Indica-dominant vegetation, Citral Skunk nugs are normally elongated and skinny pepper-formed buds. These vivid green vegetation are nearly neon in color, with some of the orangish-brown undertones. In addition, you’ll without difficulty spot a few winding orange hairs and a thick layer of chunky trichomes that may seem amber below the proper lighting. These factors upload a variety of bag attraction to the stress, which is critical for promoting the stress to consumers. The aroma produced through those buds smells terrific sour, like something decaying in damp, musty earth. This odor is handiest amplified because the buds are damaged down or floor up, which makes Citral Skunk a bad desire for stealth smoking. The taste isn’t almost as harsh because of the aroma, however. You’ll flavor a first-rate combination of highly spiced herbs, candy fruit, and a chunk of sharp citrus at the exhale to be able to have you ever going lower back for any other hit nearly instantly.
Although the results of this stress are, in large part, bodily in nature, the onset of this high is met with some calming and interesting cerebral results. With a hurry corresponding to the riptide current, your thoughts might be washed anew with electricity and innovative euphoria to be able to have you ever accomplished for the paintbrush(or something your innovative device is). While you’re busy expressing your self with this newfound electricity, the high slowly progress out of your thoughts at some stage in your body, easing any bodily pains you may have been experiencing in advance withinside the day without you noticing it. This enjoyable and nearly sedative bodily kingdom will live with you a whole lot longer than the innovative electricity will. You would possibly discover your self looking for a cozy and quiet vicinity to put down in which you may revel in being stoned to the fullest extent.