CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
THC CONTENT: 18% – 25%
EFFECTS: Energizing, Euphoria, Happy, Sociable, Uplifting
FLAVORS: Chocolate, Citrus, Herbal, Sweet
AROMAS: Chemical, Chocolate, Citrus, Herbal, Skunky
MEDICAL USES: Anxiety, Depression, Eye Strain, Fatigue, PTSD

DESCRIPTION: This uncommon Sativa-dominant stress occasionally is going via way of means of some names, so whether or not you spot Chocolate Sap or Gorilla Sap at the cabinets, simply understand that you’re getting a phenotype of Citrus Sap. Crafted via way of means of Taste Budz, Chocolate Sap takes on an extra scrumptious attraction in comparison to her Gorilla Glue #four genetics, supplying customers a leisure revel in they’ll lengthy for once more and once more.
Although Taste Budz isn’t overly secretive approximately their plants, for a few motives, nobody appears to understand the THC degrees found in Chocolate Sap. However, fluffy nugs are absolutely lined with thick trichomes, main us to agree with it’s probable someplace withinside the 20% zone. A complicated taste and aroma watch for you, as overtones of chocolate and citrus, are complemented via way of means of basil and skunk.
Chocolate Sap can be the ideal deal with earlier than a hectic day as her hybrid nature comes on robust and lasts at the same time. Users are immediately talented with a feeling of strength and an intellectual raise that clears away any terrible thoughts. Get equipped to be social too, as speaking and guffawing cross hand in hand with this stress. Some mild rest, in the end, works its manner into the mix; however, the pleasure you sense works to hold you even and light, proving that this bud is really well worth her weight in gold.
Although we’ve touted this stress as a leisure dream, many clinical sufferers flip to Chocolate Sap as well, as her mighty nature enables her to alleviate a huge variety of ailments. Stress and despair are on the pinnacle of the list, and on the grounds that you’re dealt with to this sort of euphoric burst of strength, those troubling troubles are frequently wiped away quite quickly. Great for complications or even well-known instances of fatigue, it’s a plant you’ll need to experience extra frequently than not.
There appears to be an exciting juxtaposition on the subject of uncommon traces in that they may be distinctly renowned because of their scarcity; however, when they entice sufficient of a following for human beings to need to develop them at home, they appear to drop off the radar. Such is the case with Chocolate Sap, as developing statistics and seed availability are clearly zero. Many aren’t even certain if this bud will grace shop cabinets ever once more, so in case you have already got a few at home, experience it at the same time as you can.
Quite in all likelihood one of the extra best traces at the modern market, Chocolate Sap takes the pleasure of her mother and father and melts them into a completely unique set of consequences that has something to provide pretty much everyone. Enjoy a few earlier than work, smoke a bowl at the weekend with a few friends, or put it aside for the instances whilst you want a real choose me up from the blues.