CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
THC CONTENT: 15% – 20%
EFFECTS: Cerebral, Euphoria, Hungry, Sociable
FLAVORS: Chocolate, Honey, Lemon, Pine, Sweet
AROMAS: Chocolate, Citrus, Earthy, Pine
MEDICAL USES: Depression, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Stress

DESCRIPTION: Although it may describe a scrumptious dessert crafted from whipped egg whites, Chocolate Meringue is likewise Indica-dominant hashish stress. This bud, created through Northern California-primarily based THClones totally, is an aggregate of Chocolate Kush and Lemon Tree. It gives a complex, earthy taste in addition to a smooth, embodied highly. Chocolate Meringue’s THC content material has been measured at 15% and 23%.
Chocolate Meringue’s plant life is medium in length and features a tapered, more or less conical formation. These buds have a strong inner shape as is probably predicted of an in most cases Indica variety, with a strong, tightly-packed core. The coiled leaves are a shiny coloration of spring green, with occasional flashes of deep blue and purple—finally, curly brown pistils and high awareness of translucent white trichomes cowl those chunky plant life.
While deeply fragrant, cured plant life of Chocolate Meringue has an aroma that leans extra dried wooden and pine needles than chocolate. A 2nd whiff, however, might also additionally come across a few diffused cocoa-like flavors. Grinding up those nuggets releases a barely peppery kick, at the same time as combusting them in a pipe or a joint offers off a harsh and incredibly acrid, eye-stinging smoke. On the exhale, even though this heavy smoke includes a toasted, nutty taste with only a trace of citrus.
As with many different Indica-leaning strains, Chocolate Meringue may be a creeper that calls for numerous mins earlier than putting in. Eventually, this palpable high arrives withinside the shape of head-centered outcomes like flushing withinside the cheeks and, extra commonly, a constricted feeling across the temples. Once those extraordinary sensations abate, people who smoke are left with an altered feeling, characterized through modifications in sensory perception; sure visible or auditory stimuli might also additionally appear extra high than standard, and customers can be liable to slight hallucinations or abnormal emotions of time dilation. In a few cases, Chocolate Meringue’s intellectual outcomes can also take place as a form of cerebral energy, with mind taking up a brand new gravity and seeming to transport extra quick than standard. For individuals who are well motivated, this engaged mindset can facilitate paintings on detailed, analytical responsibilities in addition to innovative rambling projects. Those who aren’t as inquisitive about productivity, even though, can certainly revel in the stress’s head high as a manner to get thru an in any other case uninteresting everyday agenda.
Within much less than an hour, Chocolate Meringue’s bodily outcomes end up tougher and tougher to ignore — limbs and eyelids might also additionally begin to sense weighed down, specifically for clients who’re already lounging withinside the comforts of domestic. Although people who smoke are normally nevertheless capable of having lucid minds and conversations at this point, the stress’s frame stone could make intervals of bodily exertion increasingly more difficult. As such, Chocolate Meringue is usually recommended for nighttime or midnight use, while it may be well enjoyed.
Chocolate Meringue’s, in most cases, relaxing; downbeat outcomes also can have a few usefulness for clinical hashish sufferers. While the activated, higher-order wondering that includes its onset can assist people with interest deficit issues to preserve focus, the stress’s soothing latter temper might also additionally briefly numb the signs and symptoms of slight to mild strain and depression. Physically speaking, this stress also can relieve aches and pains, whether or not minor or because of critical situations like fibromyalgia or COPD. Anti-inflammatory properties, meanwhile, might also additionally take the edge out of discomforts like cramps and headaches. In a very comfortable setting and putting, Chocolate Meringue’s frame high may even make a contribution to pleasant and long-lasting sleep. Because it comes with a dwindled danger of obsessive, paranoid wondering, this bud is a superb choice for sufferers who’re liable to panic.
Unfortunately, seeds of Chocolate Meringue have now no longer been made to be had on the market online. Prospective domestic growers who stay withinside the San Francisco area, even though, might also additionally have the choice of acquiring clippings (or “clones”) of mature vegetation from brick-and-mortar THClones facility. We don’t have an awful lot of records on excellent practices for developing this stress; however, we understand that its India-inflected plant life recommends squat, hairy vegetation in addition to a shorter flowering time of approximately eight to nine weeks. From time to time, gardeners might also additionally want to prune away any large fan leaves that could save you mild and air from attaining low-developing, flowering nodes.
Chocolate Meringue is a terrific desire for Indica fans who’re yearning a chunk of intellectual stimulation. Its candy and earthy taste make this stress a notable deal with for end-of-day use.