CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Hybrid – 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
THC CONTENT: 28% – 30%
EFFECTS: Body High, Cerebral, Energizing, Focus, Sociable
FLAVORS: Chocolate, Citrus, Flowery, Herbal, Spicy
AROMAS: Chocolate, Citrus, Earthy, Sour, Spicy, Sweet
MEDICAL USES: ADD/ADHD, Cramps, Depression, Headaches, Migraines, Stress

DESCRIPTION: Sharing its call with a famous dessert, Chocolate Lava is a barely Indica-dominant Strain. Created with the aid of using Aficionado Seeds, the identical breeders who’ve given us clothier traces like Black Lime Special Reserve, Chocolate Lava is a pass among Chocolate Kush and Hellfire OG. It gives customers a rich, complicated taste profile to supplement its enjoyable high. Chocolate Lava’s THC content material has been measured at 18% and an insane 30%.
Chocolate Lava’s flows are medium-sized and cling in spade-like shapes, tapering down from an extensive base right into a pointed tip. These buds have an inner shape that speaks to their Indica influence, with a densely-packed core. The Strain’s small, extensive leaves are a darkish color of woodland green and are shot via with a few orange pistils. Finally, high attention of translucent, icy-searching trichomes cowl all seen surfaces of those chunky buds.
When well cured, Chocolate Lava has an earthy scent, with a few particular notes of espresso and cocoa. A nearer whiff may also select out upon a few tangy citrus aromas as well. Grinding up or cracking open those buds, meanwhile, offers off extra of a rich, incense-like odor, probable because of the Kush lineage of discerning Strain Chocolate Kush. When burnt, Chocolate Lava yields a thick and pretty easy smoke that’s without problems at the lungs. On the exhale, Chocolate Lava has a nutty taste.
Chocolate Lava takes impact quickly after ingestion, hanging customers with a headrush and face-targeted sensations like flushing withinside the cheeks. As those facial tics dissipate, people who smoke are left in an increased kingdom and might revel in an uptick in cerebral wondering. Thoughts may also appear to tackle a brand new depth or complexity; similarly, customers can be vulnerable to pointing out sudden or sudden connections among unrelated concepts. This tuned-in manner of wondering can facilitate productiveness on the entirety from complex paintings-associated obligations to freewheeling innovative projects. Alternatively, people who smoke can really experience Chocolate Lava’s chronic head buzz whilst going approximately in any other case, uninteresting chores or errands. In a few cases, the Strain’s intellectual outcomes can happen in sensory distortions like moderate visible or auditory hallucinations.
After a few times, Chocolate Lava’s intellectual part is dulled with the aid of using regularly heavier bodily outcomes. An enjoyable tingle that begins offevolved at the bottom of the neck can begin to roll down the backbone and outward via the core. Although clients may also nevertheless be capable of hold attention and lucidity at this point, the Strain’s weighed-down feeling can cancel out any in advance motivation. As such, Chocolate Lava is well-perfect to past due afternoon via night toking while it could be absolutely appreciated.
Chocolate Lava’s flexible homes will have numerous makes use of for scientific hashish sufferers as well. Its preliminary cerebral electricity may be an extraordinary manner for people with interest deficit problems to paintings on one assignment at a time. Its cap potential to enhance mood, meanwhile, can quickly enhance the troubling signs of moderate to slight Strain and depression. On the bodily stop of the spectrum, Chocolate Lava can soothe all varieties of aches and pains, whether or not minor and short-time period, or because of continual situations like lupus or arthritis. Anti-inflammatory homes may additionally reduce the severity of discomfort like nausea and headaches. Because it could carry sturdy styles of recursive wondering, Chocolate Lava isn’t always endorsed for sufferers who’re vulnerable to paranoia or panic.
Seeds of Chocolate Lava have now no longer been made to be had on the market online. Instead, the ones seeking to develop the Strain at domestic ought to gain clippings from wholesome flowers of the Strain. These clippings may be propagated as genetically identical “clones” and can be grown interior or out — even though outside achievement relies upon on semi-humid weather with sunlight hours temperatures among 70 and eighty stages Fahrenheit. Judging with the aid of using their dense, Indica-traditional vegetation, flowers are at the short, furry aspect and develop sturdy lateral branches; gardeners may also want to every so often trim returned any extensive fan leaves that may save you mild and air from block low-developing nodes. Chocolate Lava vegetation inside eight to nine weeks while the grown interior.
Chocolate Lava’s well-rounded high makes the Strain a must-strive for Indica and Sativa fans alike. Its normally high degrees of THC may be sufficient to electrify even veteran hashish clients..