CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
THC CONTENT: 14% – 29%
EFFECTS: Creative, Euphoria, Focus, Happy
FLAVORS: Coffee, Nutty, Sweet, Woody
MEDICAL USES: Arthritis, Cancer, Depression, Eye Strain, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Nausea, PTSD, Spinal Cord Injury

DESCRIPTION: Chocolate Kush is an Indica-leaning hybrid marked with the aid of using its sweet, dessert-like aroma. It becomes created with the aid of using Spanish corporation 00 Seeds, who’ve stabilized lines like White Widow and Bubble Gum. This Strain is a go among natural Indica Mazar and Sensi Star — those integrate to create a hybrid with extreme bag appeal. Chocolate Kush’s efficiency has been measured among 14% and 28% THC.
Flowers of Chocolate Kush are handiest small to medium in length and adhere collectively in dense, popcorn-like formations. The buds have a solid, heavy shape generally related to indices. The tightly-curled leaves are a mossy color of green and are shot thru with curly orange hairs — which might be truly pistils, meant to trap pollen from fertilizing male vegetation. Occasionally, phenotypes of Chocolate Kush additionally boast faint sun sunglasses of pink of their leaves; those unexpected colors are the end result of pigments referred to as anthocyanins withinside the vegetation’ genetics which monitor patches of blue and pink whilst agitated with the aid of using bloodless climate in the course of the developing process. Finally, a satisfactory frost of trichomes cowl those buds, accounting for his or her psychoactivity and making them seem extra white than green.
When nicely cured, the flora of Chocolate Kush provokes clients with a dynamic, complete-bodied aroma. The number one heady fragrance is sweet, wealthy cocoa. This chocolatey profile mingles with the dank heady fragrance of damp soil to yield a universal earthy impression. When combusted, Chocolate Kush burns with a smooth, palatable smoke; this smoke tastes natural at the exhale, with a toasted espresso taste. Notably, regardless of its pink colors, Chocolate Kush has no discernible notes of the grape — that is due to the fact the Strain’s shiny coloring is decided with the aid of using pigments even as its taste is dictated with the aid of using separate chemicals referred to as terpenes.
Chocolate Kush’s high has a slow, smooth onset that makes it a user-pleasant choice for hashish newcomers. Bracing and energizing at first, this Strain confers an upbeat feeling that could increase the smoker’s mood. It may initiate growth in thoughtfulness, permitting people who smoke to paintings on any responsibilities to hand with a clean head and planned intent. If you’re making plans to perform paintings whilst playing Chocolate Kush, though, try to end up quickly; inside an hour or so, people who smoke generally slide into an intensive feeling of bodily rest. Limbs can also additionally sense heavier as respiratory takes place extra without difficulty, and any muscular anxiety evaporates. In sufficient high doses, Chocolate Kush can also add even set off a deep, restful sleep. This flavorful Strain is excellent loved in the course of the past due afternoon or early evening, whilst its sluggish steps down from strength into rest may be absolutely savored; if used earlier than the bed, it is able to go away customers too hyper-alert. Note that dry mouth is usually said as a bad facet effect.
Chocolate Kush may have software for clinical hashish sufferers as well. Its sedative outcomes can also additionally relieve pain, whether or not brief, as because of injury, or chronic, as because of situations like fibromyalgia or arthritis. Furthermore, it could have anti-inflammatory outcomes for soothing complications or nausea. Psychologically speaking, this bud may offer a brief remedy from slight to slight strain or depression. Although cerebral, Chocolate Kush does now no longer generally result in intense, paranoid thinking; as such, it’s miles encouraged for individuals who are susceptible to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.
00 Seeds have made seeds of Chocolate Kush to be had on the market online. Once obtained, it could be grown interior or out, despite the fact that out of doors developing requires a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. The vegetation has a triangular silhouette whilst absolutely grown and, relying on whether or not they’re cultivated indoors or outdoors, can develop to among three and eight toes tall. Growers trying to convey out Chocolate Kush’s complete pink ability must reveal their vegetation to bloodless (however now no longer freezing) midnight temperatures past due withinside the vegetative stage. This Strain flora inside eight to nine weeks whilst grown interior and is prepared for harvest in early October whilst grown outdoors. It gives a modest yield of approximately 33 to 37 grams (1.1 to 1.three ounces) of flower consistent with the rectangular foot of the plant.
Chocolate Kush is well-desirable to solo introspective use, in addition to boisterous social smoking. Whatever the setting, it’s simply the issue for winding down after an extended day or week.