CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Hybrid – 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
EFFECTS: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting
FLAVORS: Chocolate, Coffee, Herbal, Spicy
AROMAS: Berry, Chocolate, Coffee, Fruity, Sweet
MEDICAL USES: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Mood Swings, Stress

DESCRIPTION: Chocolate Hashberry is a hybrid with various claims to its lineage. Alternately stated to be a go among Hashberry and Chocolate Thai or among Blackberry Kush and Chocolate Kush, this Strain has a balanced high and an effective taste profile. Although breeders and growers offer one-of-a-kind testimonies approximately this Strain’s genetics, its chemical composition does appear like consistent – hashish checking out laboratory Analytical 360 has proven that more than one samples bearing the Chocolate Hashberry call were high withinside the terpene humulene. The THC content material of Chocolate Hashberry averages among 20 and 25%.
Chocolate Hashberry buds are strikingly multicolored, with colors of purple and pink in a few phenotypes. Pistils are greater faded yellow than orange, and buds have a loose, leafy Sativa look. The cured plant life are caked in resin and deliver off a pointy hash scent. When ground, buds have a rich, earthy aroma with notes of chocolate and fruit – the general impact isn’t varied from a full-bodied purple wine. Smoke is harsh and maybe cough-inducing. A vaguely nutty flavor is a gift on exhale.
The high from Chocolate Hashberry comes on quickly, with a marked boom in recognition and alertness. The uplifting cerebral consequences are balanced out via way of means of calming frame melt. This Strain’s versatility can translate into simultaneous bodily rest and alleviation from intellectual stress. As such, it’s superb for each day and night.
A resilient grow, Chocolate Hashberry is proof against one-of-a-kind conditions. The short, hairy flowers tackle a Christmas tree form and are effortlessly grown indoors. Indoor flowering occurs inside 7-eight weeks and generally consequences in an high yield. It is usually recommended that growers prune any low-developing fan leaves to inspire the improvement of calyxes that shape at the bottom of the plant.
With the same components bag enchantment and psychoactive potency, Chocolate Hashberry is a superb Strain for social use. Its adaptability additionally makes it appealing to beginner growers.