CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
THC CONTENT: 25% – 30%
EFFECTS: Cerebral, Energizing, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting
FLAVORS: Chocolate, Diesel, Flowery, Pine, Sour, Woody
AROMAS: Chocolate, Diesel, Earthy, Pine, Pungent
MEDICAL USES: Depression, Fatigue, Inflammation, Mood Swings, Nausea

DESCRIPTION: Chocolate Diesel is an imaginative Strain that mixes smelly preferred Sour Diesel and landrace-descended Chocolate Thai. This Sativa-dominant hybrid mixes the wide-ranging effects of its determine lines to provide an high-flying, active experience. Chocolate Diesel additionally has a complex, multi-layered aroma that’s extraordinarily great and sweet. Luckily, though, this bud is greater than only a novelty that sacrifices efficiency for flavor — its THC content material has been measured at among 13% and 23%.
Chocolate Diesel is marked via way of means of small to medium-sized plants that adhere to more or less round shapes. Despite Sativa genetics, those buds have a greater Indica-inflected appearance, with the densely-packed leaves growing a stable nugget. The coiled leaves are a darkish coloration of woodland green and are run thru with curly orange hairs — that are truly pistils, botanical systems intended to trap pollen from fertilizing male flora withinside the wild. Finally, those plants are included in translucent white trichomes that supply the plants an icy sheen whilst visible from afar.
When well cured, Chocolate Diesel has an aroma that combines gasoline-like fumes with a whiff of sparkling pine. There also are a few musky, hashy notes striking underneath. Grinding up the tight buds offers off a faintly astringent chemical odor, a testimony to the effect of Chemdawg in determine Strain Sour Diesel’s lineage. As with different lines withinside the diesel family, Chocolate Diesel offers off a sour, acrid smoke which can make eyes water whilst it’s combusted in a pipe or a joint.
This harsh smoke mixes flavors of cocoa and diesel at the exhale.
Chocolate Diesel’s high hits quickly, filling the smoker’s tanks with a buzzy strength that’s difficult to deny. At first, customers may also experience a concerted strain across the eyes and temples. Once they develop familiarity with this strange sensation, they commonly experience an alternate of their cognitive patterns. Thoughts may also seem unbidden after which leap around from one to the subsequent in the unfastened association. Similarly, a few ideas may also tackle brand new importance that may be difficult to recreate or consider whilst the smoker is sober again. This form of cerebral wondering is ideal for operating thru complex analytical tasks, in addition to starting up obstacles to creativity.
Chocolate Diesel’s stimulation is greater than simply intellectual — it is able to offer a distinct “get-up-and-go” bodily strength as well. This buzzy effect, in conjunction with Chocolate Diesel’s ever-gift intellectual chatter, makes it an amazing accompaniment to mundane jobs like cleaning or grocery shopping. The Strain’s strength and uplifting features additionally make it an awesome manner to beautify social situations. It can spark a verbal exchange and camaraderie whilst shared with like-minded friends. With rather few sedative consequences, Chocolate Diesel isn’t in all likelihood to put customers out flat with laziness or drowsiness. Instead, it is able to be an awesome Strain to revel in with a cup of espresso as a wake-and-bake treat; if ate up earlier than a bed, Chocolate Diesel is positive to hold people who smoke unsleeping and wired.
Chocolate Diesel also can have wide-ranging blessings for scientific hashish sufferers. Its clear-headed experience of awareness can improve useful resource awareness for people with interest deficit disorders. Its typically carefree and upbeat temper also can quickly alleviate the signs of slight to slight strain and depression. Physiologically speaking, Chocolate Diesel’s anti-inflammatory homes can powerful in normal numbing irritations like complications and indigestion. Because the cerebral “mind race” that includes its onset may be overwhelming for a few, Chocolate Diesel isn’t endorsed for sufferers who’re liable to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.
Seeds of Chocolate Diesel are to be had on-line on a particularly restrained basis. Prospective domestic growers also can achieve clippings of mature, healthful flora of the Strain so that you can foster genetically identical “clones.” This bud may be grown interior or out, even though outside achievement relies upon on a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Those cultivating the Strain interior must take care to trim their flora again early on withinside the vegetative stage; Sativas have a tendency to develop very tall and early pruning can hold their peak beneath neath control. Also, like many different Sativas, Chocolate Diesel has a completely lengthy flowering time — on this case, approximately 10 to twelve weeks.
Chocolate Diesel’s fast-paced, euphoric consequences may be an amazing manner to brighten up a mellow party. If you do deliver this tasty bud out in public, make sure to deliver enough, as its particular aroma is certain to draw a few interests.