CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Hybrid – 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
THC CONTENT: 18% – 25%
EFFECTS: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Focus, Happy, Relaxing
FLAVORS: Cheesy, Chemical, Diesel
AROMAS: Cheese, Diesel, Pungent
MEDICAL USES: Chronic Pain, Depression, Eye Strain, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Spinal Cord Injury, Stress

DESCRIPTION: Chiesel is a smart call aggregate of celebrities, and fortunate for us, this time it’s a world-famed breeder acknowledged for dank buds which have the cap potential to take you to any other universe and now no longer a tabloid hustle. Big Buddha Seeds created Chiesel via way of means of combining ever-famous determine strains, NYC Diesel and Big Buddha Cheese, to present us cheesy, intoxicating stress certain to come to be a family call in no time.
The THC right here isn’t astronomical; however, it does strike a stable stage ranging everywhere from 14% to 18%. As you would possibly count on, Chiesel has a stinky aroma of smelly cheese and bitter diesel and is wealthy in each of these flavors as nicely. For fanatics of the Cheese and Diesel families, that is the precise stress you’ve been dreaming of. The buds are big and dense, fashioned like clouds, and are included in darkish amber hairs and a thick coating of white trichomes.
Users can count on a robust, however enjoyable frame high that does overpower the innovative thoughts. As that is a 50/50 hybrid, you could assume a euphoric but energizing buzz in the course of your enjoyment. After simply one hit, you’ll sense a burst of pleasure and a feel of readiness. The tingles you sense from the lower back of your head begin to creep down your frame, waking up your limbs and revitalizing your core. If you’re a busy frame whilst you smoke, perhaps hit this one in advance withinside the night as it would maintain you unsleeping for longer than you’d count on.
Chiesel is famous stress with sufferers who be afflicted by stress, anxiety, and bipolar ailment in addition to your run of the mill temper swings. Because of its mixture of consequences, it has the cap potential to each energize and soothe, making it splendid for individuals who want a bit mid-afternoon choose me up; however, it will, in the end, experience the heavy come down. This rollercoaster impact is useful for individuals who conflict with fatigue for the duration of the day due to stressed or maybe sleepless nights. The sedative consequences are useful to sufferers who want to remedy for pain, swelling, and headaches.
As if this bud didn’t sound ideal enough, each person with a bit little bit of developing enjoy has to do nicely right here. While Chinese does pleasant inner in nicely-maintained conditions, it’s been acknowledged to flourish exterior in addition to its far proof against maximum molds and mildews. Growers have to keep in mind of the neighbors, and due to its stinky smell, you can need to spend money on a complicated machine to maintain her heady fragrance from prying noses. Untopped vegetation can attain up to 6 toes and feature a pleasingly high yield.
If you’re the sort of pairing your buds, the fragrant notes and difficult cheese flavors of this stress lend superbly to a tumbler of pink wine or a pleasing elderly scotch. If you opt to indulge alone, you might not be upset with the smokability of this one. However, maintain in thoughts that Chiesel has to be loved in the sooner a part of the day so that you can virtually admire her complete consequences as intended. Otherwise, you would possibly discover your self up into the wee hours of the night time and crashing difficult come daylight.