CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 60% Sativa / 30% Indica
EFFECTS: Cerebral, Creative, Focus, Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting
FLAVORS: Berry, Cherry, Creamy, Dank, Grape
AROMAS: Berry, Citrus, Dank, Earthy, Grape, Herbal
MEDICAL USES: Chronic Pain, Cramps, Hypertension, Muscle Spasms, Stress, Tremors

DESCRIPTION: Sweet stress enthusiasts will fall in love with this Kera Seeds brainchild. This flawlessly Sativa-dominant, active stress becomes created via way of means of finishing a four-manner pass among mythical traces Chemdawg, White Widow, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel, giving customers an all-supermegacelebrity lineup of flavors and outcomes from the quad determine varieties.
Cherry Grapefruit brings a hurry of taste that consists of the plain grapefruit and cherry flavors; however, it is likewise complemented via way of means of a few surprising overtones. Some of the extra major flavors are spices and herbs that provide it a nearly garlic butter taste, in addition to smelly and diesel taste notes. The THC tiers variety everywhere from 18% to 20%, giving customers a pleasant heady high that isn’t too overwhelming; however, it will maintain your alert. Little wooded area green and frosty buds provide off the smells of citrus and spice, rounding out the heady fragrance with a tartness and the classy with vibrant orange hairs and a mattress of white trichomes.
The Cherry Grapefruit high gives customers a cerebral glad feeling that is available in tingles and lasts for hours. This candy and smelly little bud give a complete frame rest whilst nonetheless being active and completely creative. This stress is ideal to be used any time of day because it stimulates your temper and offers you little bouts of electricity whilst nonetheless leaving you feeling comfortable and your frame anxiety free.
Medical customers love Cherry Grapefruit for its camp potential to appease the thoughts and frame. This makes it beneficial withinside the remedy of strain and anxiety in addition to aches, pains, headaches, and migraines due to its numbing properties. Cherry Grapefruit offers customers a lift in electricity that’s beneficial for people who be afflicted by persistent fatigue or depression. Fret now no longer amateur customers, this bud is suggested for all tiers of experience.
Because of its parentage, mainly White Widow, Cherry Grapefruit is a clean plant; this is best for amateur growers seeking to pass up from their amateur skills. The yield in this female is pretty high, and she or he does properly interior or outdoors. Due to the Indica have an impact on of this stress, the flowering instances are short and painless with a ready duration of around nine weeks. Depending on your soil, the flowers may also gift purple, red, and/or blue – eleven through the wooded area green predominance is usually gifted. This plant grows pretty tall, and it’s miles advocated to prune and pinnacle throughout its growth.
For an high that lives as much as its parentage a good way to come up with all the frame tingles with wide-wakeful outcomes, that is an awesome bud to try. If you’re searching out that little raise for your temper or simply need a touch extra pep in the doorstep to get you thru the day, Cherry Grapefruit may be that for you and extra.