CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Indica Dominant Hybrid –60% Indica / 40% Sativa
THC CONTENT: 19% – 25%
EFFECTS: Calming, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting
FLAVORS: Berry, Candy, Cherry, Diesel, Fruity, Sweet
AROMAS: Berry, Diesel, Earthy, Spicy, Sweet
MEDICAL USES: Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Mood Swings, Stress

DESCRIPTION: With over 17 years of breeding enjoy and extra than two hundred person traces to their call, Sin City Seeds has positioned Las Vegas, Nevada, at the hashish map. Perhaps certainly considered one among their tastiest traces is Cherry Fuel, an Indica-dominant gal with a piece of thriller round her. By crossing Petrol with Buddha’s Sister, breeders have been capable of maintaining the excellent attributes of each parent’s genetics.
Although many customers have stated their love for Cherry Fuel, one piece of records that isn’t so obvious is simply how mighty she is. Given her normal outcomes, however, we’d wager that she’s now no longer shy with regards to THC. Nugs of this stress has a tendency to be an green mint coloration and feature very wiry pistils which are accented with the aid of using a tiny dusting of sugar-like crystals. As in case you’d count on something else, this bud tastes precise as her call sounds with a combination of candy cherries and from time to time, cough-inducing fuel. Her aroma is comparable and pretty sturdy, so maintain that during thoughts if discretion is a must.
It’s been stated a long way and extensive that Cherry Fuel is notably sedating and long-lasting, ideal for an evening at domestic after you’ve had an afternoon which you might instead forget. Her high frequently comes on pretty fast and consists of a cerebral improve pleasure alongside the closing in bodily relaxation. For many, this stress additionally brings together along with her a quite high case of the munchies, making Cherry Fuel your top accomplice for after-dinner snacking. Beyond sincerely feeling tired, people observe that their degree of bliss simply can’t be matched, and it’s because of this that human beings flip to this bud while existence receives tough.
Locating seeds of Cherry Fuel on-line isn’t too extraordinarily tough; however, locating a person who clearly has them in inventory is every other story. It’s now no longer disclosed simply how clean or tough it’s miles to develop this stress, however as with maximum hybrids out there; she’s probable quite resilient with regards to the elements. Both indoor and outside increase is stated to be simply fine. However, domestic cultivators have to assume in advance first – this plant produces a totally sturdy aroma whilst growing, so in case you want to maintain matters beneath neath wraps, don’t forget to make an investment in a scent evidence machine first. After nine to ten weeks, you could attain what is going to probably be a totally huge harvest.
We’d propose retaining a few Cherry Fuel on your private stash always due to the fact you in no way recognize while it turns into tough to discover this bud at your neighborhood dispensary. Between her mighty outcomes and awesome flavors, this stress frequently makes its manner to the pinnacle of human beings’ favorites list. Consider attempting simply a piece alongside your favorite dessert to decorate her candy notes and experience the nighttime in general happiness.