CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Hybrid 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
EFFECTS: Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Sociable, Uplifting
FLAVORS: Berry, Cherry, Lavender, Mint, Pine, Sweet, Tropical
AROMAS: Earthy, Floral, Sweet
MEDICAL USES: Bipolar Disorder, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Loss of Appetite, Stress

DESCRIPTION: Cherry Durban Poison is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. This stress can be an awesome phenotype of the well-known African landrace Durban Poison, providing all of the cerebral stimulation of its namesake in addition to a memorably fruity aroma. Cherry Durban Poison’s THC content material has been measured among 13% and 25%.
Flowers of Cherry Durban Poison stick out from the percent way too long, branchy plant life. These medium-sized blossoms can also additionally appear surprising to many clients of business hashish, with skinny leaves that spiral far from every different in a free and usually Sativa structure. These forest-green leaves are interspersed with some rust-colored pistils and are covered in a layer of cloudy, sticky trichomes.
As you would possibly expect, the cured plant life of Cherry Durban Poison delivers off the bright, fruity, heady fragrance of cherry, with a mild citrus aroma lurking underneath. Grinding up or choosing aside those wispy plant life can also additionally yield greater of a woodsy, piney odor. When this aromatic stress is combusted, it burns with a noticeably mild, fruity smoke that may be without problems ingested. On the exhale, Cherry Durban Poison leaves at the back of candy and gently grassy flavor, much like that of hybrid preferred Jack Herer.
Like many different mainly Sativa strains, Cherry Durban Poison exhibits it’s high pretty quickly, probably exerting outcomes earlier than people who smoke have even had the threat to exhale. A preliminary head-rush may be observed via way of means of extraordinary tics like stress withinside the temples and a few flushing withinside the cheeks. Within minutes, those sensations die down, permitting people who smoke to indulge in this stress’s robust cerebral state. Their thoughts can also additionally appear to tackle brand new importance or complexity; similarly, the mind can also additionally float from one to any other in surprising connections and spontaneous associations. This inspired mindset can assist well-prompted clients in performing paintings on detailed, analytical tasks. Cherry Durban Poison may additionally carry constraints on innovative thought, making an allowance for productiveness on creative tasks or brainstorming sessions. Meanwhile, clients who aren’t interested in setting this bud’s intellectual power to apply can surely revel in its illuminating heritage buzz whilst going approximately their day by day agenda.
Cherry Durban Poison does now no longer common to do plenty in terms of enjoyable bodily outcomes. Even because of the high progress, people who smoke can keep on lucid conversations and deal with complex paintings. They will also be capable of hold high degrees of power, letting them take pleasure in a few mild exercising like jogging. Because it does greater to stimulate than to sedate its users, Cherry Durban Poison is suggested for daylight hours use; for typical hashish clients, it may even make pleasing wake-and-bake stress.
Cherry Durban Poison’s upbeat, lively residences could have numerous advantages for scientific hashish sufferers as well. Its plugged-in approaches of wondering can assist people with interest deficit problems to live targeted on an unmarried task. Its commonly improved temper also can relieve a number of the stress related to slight strain and depression. On the bodily stop of the spectrum, the stress can also additionally take the edge out chronic, disease-associated ache, whilst its anti-inflammatory outcomes can soothe discomforts like headaches. In a few cases, Cherry Durban Poison’s tendency to set off the munchies can also add function an urge for food stimulants for the ones coping with dwindled starvation for numerous reasons. Because of its robust and pervasive head high, this stress isn’t endorsed for sufferers who’re liable to paranoia or panic.
While seeds of Cherry Durban Poison do now no longer look like to be had online, potential domestic growers ought to conceivably domesticate figure stress Durban Poison from seed withinside the hopes of elevating some Cherry phenotypes. Durban Poison right is a user-pleasant development which can develop to nearly 12 toes if left unchecked. It can also additionally thrive interior or out, and, way too strong landrace genes, may be specifically immune to unfavorable outside developing situations like temperature fluctuations. Durban Poison plant life inside nine to ten weeks while the grown interior and is prepared for harvest in overdue September while grown outdoors. It is stated to have a better than the common yield of plant life at maturity.
While Cherry Durban Poison appeals to Sativa enthusiasts of all kinds, it’s specifically really well worth sampling via way of means of enthusiasts of the landrace bud from which it’s derived. This stress’s noticeably fruity aroma additionally makes it of the hobby to terpene connoisseurs.