CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

DESCRIPTION: Chem Willie is a Sativa-dominant that capitalizes on a few prestigious genetics. It is a move among Sativa that favored Chemdawg and notorious stoner Willie Nelson’s eponymous Sativa stress. The end result is an high-powered Sativa with a unique, well-rounded flavor. Chem Willie’s buzzy consequences are stated to ultimate longer than average, even for common people who smoke. This bud’s THC content material has been measured at 15% and a whopping 31%.
Chem Willie is outstanding through its small to medium-sized buds that preserve a tapering, spadelike shape. The vegetation adheres in a tremendously loose, Sativa-usual structure, with the fluffy leaves clinging loosely to their imperative stems. The leaves themselves are a darkish green, with patches of brighter neon green peppered throughout. Hairy, rust-colored pistils hold to those pieces leaves, and sticky, translucent trichomes cowl all surfaces.
This stress’s most important heady fragrance is vivid and tangy, with a few bitter citrusy notes. Complementing this fruitiness is an extra natural undertone, paying homage to sage. Meanwhile, grinding up or breaking aside Chem Willie’s leafy vegetation yield a pervasive scent of skunk. When Chem Willie is combusted in a pipe or a joint, it burns with an easy and effortlessly palatable smoke. This smoke tastes like a nice mixture of orange zest and spice at the exhale. Smokers seeking to keep discretion ought to take any essential precautions, as Chem Willie may be an in particular stinky smoke.
The high from this stress takes preserve proper away, with a short head rush. If people who smoke are sitting, they will experience a few moderate dizziness whilst status up again. In addition to this moderate vertigo, Chem Willie imparts a few preliminary tingling across the eyes and temples. Once this sensation passes, customers are hit with a surge of energy, in conjunction with emotions of energy and euphoria. This empowering impact can take place as a cerebral tendency to use complicated analytical wondering to obligations and situations. Alternatively, Chem Willie can also additionally encourage extra physically-willing customers to arise and workout or to perform a protracted listing of mundane chores. However, clients select to hire their high; they have a tendency to revel in freely-associative styles of the notion that can soar from one subject matter to the next. This type of mind race may be proper at domestic in buzzy social situations, wherein it may encourage free-flowing conversations and create a sense of camaraderie.
This bud comes with only a few bodily consequences. Smokers can also add most effectively experience moderate rest withinside the shape of reduced muscular anxiety and a multiplied capability for deep, even breathing. Because it’s far much more likely to preserve clients unsleeping and shifting than couch-locked and sleepy, Chem Willie is usually recommended for daytime (or even morning) use.
Chem Willie’s alert consequences will have many packages for scientific hashish sufferers as well. It’s a sustained feeling of awareness may be a boon to people with interest deficit disorders. The bud may additionally briefly take the brink off of moderate to mild instances of strain and depression. Physiologically speaking, Chem Willie can relieve normal annoyances like indigestion and headaches. Because its experience of mind race may be disorienting and might cause paranoia, this stress isn’t endorsed for individuals who are susceptible to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.
Seeds of Chem Willie do now no longer appear to be produced on a business scale on the market online. Prospective growers ought to are seeking out relied on breeders if you want to attain clippings from mature, wholesome vegetation. The stress may be grown interior or out, despite the fact that achievement exterior requires a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. This bud’s Sativa lineage shows tall vegetation that can want to be pruned again if you want to be taught to a healthy interior. Because it’s a Sativa, Chem Willie probably additionally has a protracted flowering time off as a minimum nine and as much as eleven weeks whilst grown interior. Finally, simply as it may be a stinky smoke, Chem Willie may be a totally stinky grow — indoor growers ought to spend money on scent manipulate measures like carbon air filters.
With flexible consequences, Chem Willie is a must-strive for Sativa fanatics and for Willie Nelson lovers of any stripe. It’s a terrific alternative for solo entertainment or for buzzy social use..