CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
EFFECTS: Focused, Relaxed, Social
MEDICAL USES: Depressed, Arthritis, Migraines

DESCRIPTION: Chem Valley Kush is a mainly Sativa hybrid with a robust, stinging aroma. Lest you be fooled with the aid of using its name, this Strain doesn’t have any roots in a real area known as Chem Valley — rather, it’s a move among the famous lines Chemdawg and San Fernando Valley OG Kush. Created with the aid of using breeders Cali Connection, Chem Valley Kush has a protracted-lasting high way to THC tiers starting from 18% to an outstanding 30%.
Flowers of Chem Valley Kush are at the smaller side, clinging collectively in popcorn-like spheres. Despite their Sativa genetics, those rounded buds have a greater Indica-motivated structure, with a stable middle composed of tightly-coiled leaves. The leaves themselves are a darkish color of woodland green and are shot via with curly orange and vivid pink pistils. Finally, sticky, cloudy trichomes cowl all seen nooks and crannies of those little nuggets, making them hard to interrupt up with the aid of using hand.
Even as Chem Valley Kush’s high wears on, customers have a tendency to be unaffected with the aid of using burdensome bodily consequences. While a few people who smoke may also experience a diffused alleviation from any muscular tension, for the maximum part, the Strain’s power persists and may be placed to apply with sports starting from exercising to (given the proper company, of course) sex. Chem Valley Kush’s wide-eyed houses also can be a laugh manner to revel in a hike or a protracted stroll outside. Thanks to its mainly buzzy consequences, this Strain is usually recommended for daylight hours consumption.
Chem Valley Kush’s stimulating vibes also can have numerous blessings for clinical hashish sufferers. Its robust propensity for attention may be a boon to people with interest deficit disorders, supporting them to paintings on one mission at a time. It is emotional enhance may additionally quickly soothe the hard signs and symptoms of slight to mild Strain and depression. Physical blessings mainly middle at the Strain’s anti-inflammatory houses, that could take the edge out of normal afflictions like headaches, nausea, and cramps. Because its palpable mind race may be uncomfortable or disorienting withinside the incorrect set and setting, Chem Valley Kush isn’t always endorsed for sufferers who’re vulnerable to panic or paranoia.
Fortunately for potential domestic growers, Cali Connection has made seeds of Chem Valley Kush to be had on the market online. Once obtained, the Strain may be grown interior or out, with outside fulfillment calling for semi-humid weather with daylight hours temperatures withinside the 70s (Fahrenheit). This vegetation may be incredibly tall and branchy and might require indoor gardeners to trim returned their plants a good way to maintain heights manageably. Chem Valley Kush flora inside a protracted 10 to eleven weeks, however, rewards sufferers growers with a better than the common yield of buds.
With hovering consequences and an admirable genetic profile, Chem Valley Kush is a must-attempt for Sativa fans.