CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 65% Sativa / 35% Indica
EFFECTS: Social, Happy, Creative
MEDICAL USES: Depressed, Insomnia, Stress

DESCRIPTION: No one appears to formally take the credit score for crossing Chemdawg with Jack Herer, however, whoever it’s far merits a large pat at the back. Their lovechild, Chem Jack, is a fantastic strong bud that’s barely Sativa-dominant. Depending on your dose, this Strain can enhance your day to new heights or can mellow you out till you end up one together along with your couch.
Not for the faint of heart, Chem Jack often is available at a 27% THC level. Bright buds are a stunning lime green with brown hairs, and of course, function a first-rate trichome coating. An earthy combo of flavors meets you head-on, as candy soil, pine, herbs, and simply a chunk of a chemical undertone whirl around you. Some locate it to be intoxicating withinside the excellent manner possible, whilst folks who pick a sweeter combo may flip their nostril up at its pungency.
Depending on your precise tolerance, Chem Jack may also do a pair of factors at some point of your high. In maximum cases, the Strain is an entire upper, supplying you with the choice to end up talkative and creative. Many locate that they’re capable of recognition at paintings that a lot easier, or may even experience a greater efficient workout, honestly because of this bud’s lively effects. If you do experience this Strain in extra, her Indica aspect will display and will lead you right into a critical nap, so make certain you understand your self earlier than diving in.
It’s a for the reason that Chem Jack is a really perfect preference for clinical sufferers who want a touch enhance to combat fatigue; however, extra electricity isn’t the handiest issue she’s precise for. Like many different THC-wealthy buds, this Strain works to boost melancholy and Strain from one’s intellectual nation whilst additionally handling physical aches and pains. Inflammation, muscle spasms, or maybe simply the occasional set of cramps can be knocked out via way of means of this effective plant.
Home growers who need to feature this Strain to their lineup ought to make certain they’ve masses of room to do so, as vegetation grow to be extremely tall with significant quantities of extensive branching. Both indoor and out of doors cultivation appear to be simply fine, and handiest nine weeks are required for Chem Jack to be geared up for harvest. As lengthy as you’ve performed her right, you’ll experience an immensely heavy yield.
Some say that Chem Jack induces arousal whilst others honestly sense as though they’re floating high up at the clouds. An introspective idea can be distinguished with this Strain, so irrespective of the way you grow to be feeling, make an effort to get in contact with your self among tasks. Many files that Chem Jack is so amazing which you simply need to inventory upon it, so make certain to maintain a watch out at your nearby shop.