CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Hybrid – 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
EFFECTS: Focused, Relaxed, Social
MEDICAL USES: Depressed, Migraines, Pain

DESCRIPTION: Chem Crush is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that’s derived from the robust genetics of Canadian-born Orange Crush. This bud gives a typically lively high that could include a few mind-bending cerebral consequences. Chem Crush has a classically dank taste profile that clinched its location because of the 1st Runner Up for Best Medical Hybrid withinside the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver. Its THC content material has been measured among 18% and 22%.
Chem Crush stands proud with impressively huge and multi-colored plant life. These chunky and more or less round buds adhere in a dense, compact structure, with small leaves that curl tightly inward. The leaves themselves are a light sage green, even though frequently, phenotypes of the Strain boast brilliant sun sunglasses of crimson; those sudden hues are manufactured from anthocyanin pigments, which result in crimson colors whilst inspired with the aid of using bloodless climate withinside the developing process. Finally, curly orange pistils and snowy white trichomes make those already-colorful plant life even greater eye-catching.Although its call shows a chemical aroma, Chem Crush as an alternative gives a sweet, mellow heady fragrance on preliminary inspection. A 2d whiff might also additionally select out upon a few woody, earthy notes as well. Grinding up or breaking aside, the buds can supply off a notably skunky odor. When combusted, the Strain offers off smoke that can be quite acrid, inflicting coughing or watery eyes. On the exhale, this smoke may be very sweet, with a funky, barely bitter aftertaste.
Chem Crush kicks in fairly quickly, exerting head-centered consequences now no longer lengthy after customers have ingested its pungent, earthy smoke. At first, customers might also additionally stumble on throbbing or pulsing sensations across the temples and decrease the forehead. Strange sensations like growth in salivation or flushing withinside the cheeks can be a gift as well. Following that, people who smoke would possibly note that their teaching of concept has taken on a greater cerebral character, with positive thoughts seeming greater severe or sizable than they’ll be before. This sort of tuned-in wondering may be an outstanding manner to paintings on complicated, designated responsibilities concerning problem-fixing or analysis. Additionally, it could spark a notion for the ones operating on greater innovative responsibilities like crafting or fiction writing. Those who aren’t seeking to be very mentally effective can virtually experience the diffused history buzz that this Strain presents as they cross approximately their day. Chem Crush might also offer a jolt of bodily strength that may be positioned to apply with a few mild to slight exercise, or, given the proper organization and circumstances, sex. With fairly little Sativa influence, Chem Crush has a tendency now no longer to include tons of a frame stone. That said, rest withinside the Strain’s later degrees could make it a laugh and a quite trippy manner to experience media stimuli like a visually-attractive film or a few moody kinds of music. In social situations, the Strain’s intellectual chatter can assist communique flow, whether or not you’re putting out with suitable pals or new acquaintances. Because of its upbeat vibe, Chem Crush is usually recommended for daylight hours use. It may even be a laugh morning treat.
Chem Crush additionally gives numerous advantages to scientific hashish patients. Psychologically speaking, it could assist people with interest deficit problems to consciousness on unmarried responsibilities. Its fantastic strength might also soothe the signs and symptoms of strain and depression. On the bodily quit of the spectrum, Chem Crush also can provide ache comfort for persistent situations and anti-inflammatory consequences for ordinary discomforts like complications and nausea. Its tendency to set off the munchies can function a robust urge for food stimulants. Because of the opportunity of paranoia that incorporates its onset, Chem Crush might not be the exceptional desire for the ones suffering from panic or tension problems.
Seeds of Chem Crush aren’t to be had on the market online. Instead, potential domestic growers need to achieve clippings from mature, wholesome plant life in an effort to develop “clones.” Plants may be cultivated interior or out and have a tendency to develop quick and hairy with robust lateral branching. Gardeners seeking to bring out their crops’ crimson colors need to stimulate anthocyanins with the aid of using exposing the plant life to bloodless (however now no longer freezing) temperatures overdue withinside the vegetative stage—Chem Crush plant life inside nine to eleven weeks whilst grown interior.
Chem Crush is a laugh smoke whether or not you’re taking part in it by myself or sharing with pals. Its sustained strength makes it a specifically suitable desire for outside activities.