CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
EFFECTS: Relaxed, Sleepy, Hungry
MEDICAL USES: Depressed, A Loss of Appetite, Anxiety

DESCRIPTION: It’s regular for breeders to tout their very own lines because the quality around, however, we’re willing to agree that Divine Genetics’s mashup of Chemdawg #four and Girl Scout Cookies surely has created an advanced bud. They named this Indica-dominant offspring Chem Cookies, and it’s received more than one awards at Cannabis Cup activities over the years, inclusive of 3 titles in 2019 alone. The group at Divine Genetics has been crafting particular lines on the grounds that 2011 and it’s no surprise why their vegetation has to grow to be so popular.
Chem Cookies isn’t for the faint of coronary heart as her steady 30% THC common would possibly prevent even skilled people who smoke off their tracks. Her flower is alternatively lengthy and dense, and even as her wiry orange pistils and crimson leaves are genuinely a sight, you’ll nearly drool whilst you see her trichomes. An exciting combo of flavors and aromas wait for you, and for many, it’s a adore it or hate it situation. Breeders are aware that coffee, fuel, and plums all linger on one’s tongue, leaving an enduring flavor.
Divine Genetics might be the primary to inform you that they breed lines that aren’t supposed for more recent people who smoke, and Chem Cookies genuinely falls in step with that idea. For most, her high hits proper away with a sturdy cerebral uplift that’s complete of euphoria. While you’ll possibly be happier than you’ve got been in pretty a few times, don’t assume to have the electricity to do something approximately it. This bud is designed to provide the final in relaxation, and relying on your tolerance; you may come to be tremendously sedated. Long-lasting and powerful, Chem Cookies will make a call for herself the primary time you deliver her a try.
If you’re already withinside the domestic cultivation sport and need to consist of Chem Cookies on your subsequent spherical of vegetation, you may need to work out a chunk of patience. Breeders companion with a special online distributor, and unfortunately, seeds of this stress are offered out. When they do grow to be available, you could anticipate a selection with a view to thrive inside, outdoors, or in a greenhouse environment. Chem Cookies commonly reach a medium top, and vegetation is usually very proof against mildew and mildew. Allow 7 to eight weeks for optimum maturation after which put together for a bountiful harvest!
Those who’ve advanced a love for all lines diesel in nature will possibly exude the equal quantity of ardor for Chem Cookies, as she brings out the quality in each of her dad and mom equally. Consider going grocery buying earlier than you partake, however, due to the fact this bud has recognition for bringing on pretty a case of the munchies. Kick your toes up, acquire your food, and settle in for a chilled night that simply would possibly lull you to sleep in no time.