CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
EFFECTS: Focused, Relaxed, Social
MEDICAL USES: Depressed, Traumatic Stress, Anxiety

DESCRIPTION: Blending a few famous traces to create a Sativa-dominant bud that’s as scrumptious as she is effective, Dark Horse Genetics has certainly fine-tuned their craft. They decided on Chemdawg #four and crossed her with Strawberry Sour Diesel, ensuing in Chem Berry Diesel. Users record that this Strain is quite effective and pretty scrumptious, making for a piece of a risky mixture in case you aren’t disciplined.
Even on the low cease of the spectrum, Chem Berry Diesel clocks in at 25% THC and has been observed on dispensary cabinets as high as 32% THC. This manner that more recent customers ought to steer clean or even extra skilled tokers can also additionally need to assess their night plans earlier than they partake. Nugs of this Strain is as one might count on given her potency – a medium green shadeation with sufficient glowing trichomes to sink a battleship. A combo of flavors awaits as your usual fruit and berry notes are highlighted with the aid of using tips of diesel, leaving a flavor that lasts to your mouth for an at the same time as.
Most people are enthralled with the cerebral results that Chem Berry Diesel provides, as her high commonly consists of a totally stoney feeling. Users will regularly discover themselves strolling the road among uplifted and chatty and looking to take a nap, and at the same time, as Chem Berry Diesel isn’t overly sedating, individuals who are extra touchy to hashish ought to discover themselves longing to be horizontal. On the alternative cease of the spectrum, people claiming to be skilled people who smoke ought to experience a piece of strength and social inclination earlier than they come down, making this Strain remarkable while going out with pals for dinner and drinks.
Seeds of Chem Berry Diesel aren’t difficult to discover online; this is while they’re surely in stock. By all accounts, it seems to be a totally famous Strain as she’s been suggested to be pretty clean even for amateur cultivators. Thriving each inner or outdoors, plant life doesn’t require a whole lot withinside the manner of unique treatment, even though it’s been observed that pruning and schooling will assist your yields in attaining their complete potential. Sea Of Green techniques also can be utilized, and after nine weeks inner, she’ll be equipped for harvest.
If you’ve long been keen on Diesel traces in preferred and need to do that precise spin on a few traditional flavors, do not forget running Chem Berry Diesel into your normal line-up. She seems to be extensive to be had throughout America and is a Strain that would provide a number of results replying to your tolerance. One very last word to do not forget is this bud has been recognized to assist customers paintings up pretty an appetite, so do not forget having a few tasty snacks on hand earlier than you indulge..