CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Indica Dominant Hybrid – 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
EFFECTS: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy
MEDICAL USES: Depressed, Anxiety, Insomnia

DESCRIPTION: If Cheese Dawg hasn’t advanced a large fan following on your neck of the woods, she’s approximate to. This Indica-dominant stress from Big Buddha Seeds has taken what many may argue is of the pleasant plant life obtainable and blended them to create one killer bud. Chemdawg 91, rumored to were firstly determined at a Grateful Dead concert, and Big Buddha Cheese, a former Cannabis Cup winner, has combined fantastically to create a robust tasting and effective stress.

Depending on your enjoy level, Cheese Dawg is probably the right stress to pick or can be a touch bit past your years. While she may be determined with 15% THC on the low give up, her high is 23% and is the extra typically determined efficiency obtainable. Nugs of this stress is mild green with a median quantity of pistils however come absolutely caked with glowing white trichomes. As you’d expect, her flavors and aromas consisting of a robust be aware of cheese, however characteristic tips of fruit in addition to a harsh chemical tinge. While it sounds off-putting, the maximum record that this stress is virtually delicious.

Cheese Dawg is one of these traces which you’ll stay up for smoking on the give up of an extended day due to the fact taking a load off of your thoughts and frame is simply what she’s been crafted to do. Most locate that their high is pretty long-lasting and consists of a chunk of a hazy intellectual nation that’s coupled with bodily relaxation. If you’re cranky from the day you simply had, permit Cheese Dawg to try to position a grin in your face and impart a few euphorias into your brain. Many people describe this bud as one that’s a high-quality story, so we might advise which you clean your calendar for the night time and possibly make your morning a touch lighter as well. You should come to be falling asleep so deeply that your alarm clock doesn’t even wake you the following day.

Big Buddha Seeds has constantly regarded to be pretty supportive of domestic developing fans and that they make five packs of Cheese Dawg conveniently to be had on their website. By all accounts, plainly, this stress may be fairly clean even for more modern cultivators, as plant life simplest attain simply over four toes tall while completely mature and frequently produce a hefty yield. Allow for eight to ten weeks of developing time interior or plan for an overdue October harvest if she’s outdoors.

Those who aren’t into tacky traces won’t need to offer Cheese Dawg a try, however, although that’s the case, her outcomes appear to be first-rate sufficient to take a toke anyway. Newer customers are counseled to exercising warning with this bud, as her efficiency can, from time to time, sneak up on you and go away you glued for your couch.