CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid
TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 60% Sativa / 30% Indica
THC CONTENT: 18% – 25%
EFFECTS: Focus, Creatuve, Sedated
MEDICAL USES: Depressed, Anxiety, Incomnia

DESCRIPTION: Charlie Sheen is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that mixes the exceptional of each Indica and Sativa varietals. The stress is a 3-manner pass among three family names: Green Crack, OG Kush, and Blue Dream. Like its unstable namesake, the bud explodes with fast-paced energy. Fortunately for Indica fans, Charlie Sheen additionally has a soothing, enjoyable vibe because of the high wear on. Psychoactivity has been measured among 15% and 24%.
Charlie Sheen units itself aside with large, conical plants. These lengthy cones have the unfastened bud shape normally related to Sativas. The fluffy, ragged buds are composed of leaves that can be without problems torn far from their relevant stems. The leaves themselves are a darkish coloration of woodland green. Some phenotypes of the stress additionally boast patches of muted pink; those unexpected colorings come approximately while pigments referred to as anthocyanins are agitated via way of means of bloodless climate at some point of plant life in a method much like the converting of foliage in autumn because of depleted chlorophyll levels. These already-colorful buds are covered on their internal and outer surfaces in cloudy white trichomes, giving them a silvery sheen.
Cured plants of Charlie Sheen burst with a shiny lemon and orange aroma. This is faintly redolent of citrus-scented cleaning products. Closer inspection additionally exhibits a grassy, vegetal character. Meanwhile, breaking those unfastened plants up yields a few skunky and incense-like notes that betray the stress’s Kushy roots. Charlie Sheen burns with a smooth, palatable smoke while combusted; this smoke tastes like overripe candy fruit with a barely dank, piney undercurrent.
Charlie Sheen takes impact quickly, bringing approximately a hurry of uplifting energy. Users might also additionally discover themselves withinside the midst of sturdy cerebral thinking; this mind-set may be suitable for locating analytical answers to problems, in addition to innovative brainstorming. The stress also can be uniquely social and might function as a conversational lubricant. In the proper set and setting, those early levels of the high might also additionally create a hovering feeling of euphoria. After an hour or so, customers are struck via way of means of a sturdy frame high. Eyelids might also additionally slump at the same time as the limbs and center begin to sense heavy, main many to are looking for safe haven withinside the closest cushty surroundings. This deep rest can sense disorienting and might motive customers to sense depersonalized or disconnected from manipulating in their bodies. Although a laugh and psychedelic, those sensations might also additionally show horrifying for a few. As people who smoke grow to be couch-locked, their minds can wander and input a foggy, cloudy state — don’t plan on getting something finished some hours after consuming. Charlie Sheen is maximum suitable to be used at some point in the overdue afternoon or evening.
This stress also can have utility for scientific hashish patients. Its cap potential to reinforce temper may be useful for people with slight to slight strain or depression, supporting them to spend their time extra currently and consciously. Charlie Sheen’s later numbing consequences might also additionally soothe aches and pains, whether or not they’re temporary, as because of injury, or chronic, as because of situations like lupus or fibromyalgia. Finally, insufficient high doses, the bud acts towards even cussed instances of insomnia. Because its early cerebral consequences are related to an out-of-manipulate feeling of “thoughts race,” Charlie Sheen isn’t always advocated for folks who are at risk of panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.
No industrial breeders have taken credit score for growing Charlie Sheen, and as such, no seeds of the stress are to be had on the market online. Prospective growers have to acquire clippings from mature, healthful plant life as a way to develop genetically identical “clones.” Although there’s little unique statistics to be had on exceptional practices for cultivating this hybrid, we recognize that it may be grown interior or exterior in semi-humid weather with sunlight hours temperatures among seventy-two and eighty stages Fahrenheit. Additionally, growers trying to convey out Charlie Sheen’s hanging pink colors must reveal their plants to bloodless (however now no longer freezing) middle of the night temperatures simply earlier than flowering begins.
It won’t be as strong as tiger blood (something this is). However, Charlie Sheen, though, promises giant intellectual and bodily consequences. It’s a notable alternative for squeezing in a few productiveness earlier than winding down on the quit of a protracted day.