CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid

TYPE: 0% Hybrid



EFFECTS: Relaxed, Hungry, Happy, Creative, Euphoric


MEDICAL USES: Depressed, A Loss of Appetite, Anxiety, Insomnia, Pain

DESCRIPTION: Many products that have the name Black Label associated with them exude an air of high quality and class, and this evenly balanced strain is no different. There are some conflicting accounts describing where exactly this gal came from, but most signs point to Washington breeders Fancy Weed. They crossed Fornicator with Obama Kush to create a strain that’s powerful and delicious.

Black Label definitely swings toward the stronger end of the potency spectrum with a high of 24% THC. Her buds are quite colorful with reddish pistils, tons of trichomes, and light purple leaves. Offering both sweet and savory to your taste buds, this gal emits flavors of pine and menthol along with a dank and fruity finish that makes for a well-rounded experience.

Depending on your tolerance, Black Label might offer you one of several types of highs. For those who are more experienced, you’ll immediately feel a sensation of happiness that rushes from head to toe. Creative juices begin to flow, and while you may not have much energy to actually do anything, you’ll feel joyful and relaxed. Individuals who are newer to cannabis might skip straight to Black Label’s come down, which includes a strong body buzz that imparts sedation and the desire to close your eyes.

One of this bud’s many claims to fame includes her ability to spark hunger, particularly in those who frequently experience a loss of appetite. Take a toke before dinner and let this strain do the rest! Like many other hybrid strains, Black Label works to fight against anxiety and depression, replacing negative thoughts with ones of bliss. Individuals who struggle with bodily pain can also benefit from this bud, and as we’ve already alluded to, insomnia doesn’t stand a chance against her sedating ways.

Fancy Weed offers the ability to purchase Black Label seeds straight from their website, and by all accounts, she seems to be a pretty easygoing strain. Try planting her inside or outdoors, and let Mother Nature do the rest! Finishing in about 8 weeks, you’ll be quite pleased with the amount of bud that you’re left with. If you so desire, let her grow longer to develop her colors even further.

There are other strains on the market that go by the same name, but keep in mind that they won’t offer the same flavors or effects as Fancy Weed’s version. Black Label is truly a top-shelf bud that should be tried at least once, especially if you consider yourself to be a cannabis connoisseur. Clear your calendar, put your feet up, and share a joint among friends. You’ll likely have a great time socializing before you all go down for a nap.