CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid

TYPE: Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC CONTENT:  15% – 20%


EFFECTS: Relaxed, Social, Happy


MEDICAL USES: Depressed, Traumatic Stress, Anxiety

DESCRIPTION: Making a huge name for themselves worldwide, Strain Hunters travels the globe to find the best cannabis varieties there are. They’re the ones responsible for Big Tooth, a three-way cross between Afghan, Hawaiian Sativa, and Nepalese Hash. Slightly indica-dominant, it’s a bud that’s a great choice when you want to enjoy a fun day with friends.

Although her potency remains a heavily guarded secret, it’s believed that Big Tooth falls somewhere around the 15% to 20% THC range. Nugs tend to take on a bit of a brown tone with long hairs, but it’s more often their flavor and aroma that gets people interested. Notes of spice come out in a big way as Big Tooth buds are burned, and while this translates over to their flavor, hints of roses and wood also make their way to the forefront.

Big Tooth is definitely a fast hitter, causing you to feel her effects right from the get-go. Initially, a creative sensation of joy will overtake you, inspiring you to reach new levels of thought. This matches quite well with the social vibes you’ll be feeling, but sadly none of these attributes provide you with much in the way of extra energy. Big Tooth isn’t sedating either, however, as she offers the perfect balance between relaxation and the desire for adventures full of laughter.

Waves of relief will wash over you after just a few tokes of Big Tooth, making her ideal for those who need to treat their medical issues without becoming totally out of it. Physical pain will fade to nearly nothing and a range of mental concerns are also easily addressed. Anxiety and PTSD, specifically, are tempered by this bud, as she offers nothing but happiness and a calm state of mind. Many also enjoy a bit of this gal before mealtime as it can have appetite-inducing qualities.

If you’re at least a little bit experienced in growing cannabis at home, this strain just might be perfect for you. Big Tooth plants require a bit of extra planning as they can get quite tall, but aside from their size, they’re pretty perfect in every way. Resistant to mold, mildew, and pests, they mature in 8 to 9 weeks and produce a very nice yield. Her scent can be rather strong as she grows, so keep in mind that you may not be as discrete as you think you’re being.

Your own tolerance will play a major role in how much you enjoy Big Tooth as some have claimed her high is rather unpredictable. Perhaps her sativa side will shine through heavily for you and provide you with a great daytime high or her relaxing nature could get the better of you and keep you immobile far longer than you imagined. We’d recommend experimenting with this strain a bit first before making any plans.