CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid

TYPE: Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica



EFFECTS: Euphoria, Happy

FLAVORS: Spicy, Sweet

AROMAS: Herbal, Sweet


MEDICAL USES: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Stress

DESCRIPTION: Though there are many theories as to what makes up this sativa-dominant hybrid, the specific genetics of Big Sur Holy Bud remain under wraps. Some believe it’s a descendant of Zacatecas Purple, a Mexican saliva popular with Californians, while others are certain that it comes from Afghani Skunk roots. The breeders at Bodhi Seed are keeping a tight lip on nearly all tech specs of this strain, making it a bit of a mysterious legend in the cannabis community.

Big Sur Holy Bud produces luscious and colorful buds known for their bright rainbow hues and sweet candy aroma. The buds are big and green with bright gold hues and hairs that change from orange to red with undertones of purple and pink. The flavor is sweet and spicy, with licorice and cinnamon standing out on the forefront. Hints of melon hit your nose and tongue for a well-balanced flavor.

Given that this strain is modestly popular and not very easy to find, the effects are suspected to be fairly low impact. You can expect a delicate yet tingly high that’s long lasting and somewhat energetic. Since it is so mild, it is perfect for newer users or heavy coughers. Let your mood soar and your focus sharpen with Big Sur Holy Bud. Tackle a to-do list or simply make that long overdue phone call to a friend.

Medicinal users might feel like this strain is a bit lacking, though not totally useless. Because there are no test results for its CBD content, it is not recommended for any ailments that require CBD for treatment. It is, however, an effective treatment for mild depression, anxiety, and fatigue. As it is a low dose bud, it’s great for novice users.

Growing information for this strain is just as hard to come by as any other tidbits of knowledge you might be in search of. The flowering time is between eight and ten weeks with an average yield, assuming you tend to it appropriately. This plant flourishes in both indoor and outdoor systems, so home growers do have a variety of options.

Despite its name, this strain sells quite well in Oregon but is not easy to come by in its home state of California. If you are looking to get your hands on an easy going strain and find yourself in the Pacific Northwest, this would be a unique treat to help yourself to. A yummy flavor and smooth effects make Big Sur Holy Bud a no-brainer.